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Friday, June 2, 2017

Our Planet is heading for a disaster !!

This morning President Trump announced that United States of America is pulling out of the Paris climate accord and stop all climate change mitigation which was supported by his predecessor citing dumb reasons that the Americans are being burdened by it and it is a plot by India and China to strip Americans of Coal jobs and so forth. It is his ego as he wants to do away with various decisions taken by previous President Obama and this being one.

A status by my friend on Face book is quite apt and is reproduced below

“What was announced today was based on sheer arrogance and ego of one individual, with the ego kindled by a greedy media! People who applaud that, are either exhibiting willful ignorance or don't care because possibly they think they would be dead before the effects get worse!
It's damn, our children and theirs who are going to be burnt or drowned or blown away!
I would sincerely hope that the world unites and goes forward!”
And he is correct in saying this 

For those skeptics who would say that this planet can sustain the plunder and damage done by humans the climate change is real and will have far reaching and unimaginable consequences unless each and everyone in this universe unite and take steps to avoid the catastrophe that is surely going to be released in times to come. The impacts of the climate change is seen by extreme weather conditions that are taking in various parts of the world be it extreme cold or hot weather conditions, super storms, drought, floods melting of snow caps on mountains , breaking of Antarctic ice and so forth. Scientists conclude that the earth’s temperature would rise by 4 deg C over pre-industrial level  by 2050 (as on date it is at around 1.5 deg) if the current rate of carbon dioxide is discharged into the atmosphere.

The greenhouse gases accumulation traps the heat in atmosphere instead of radiating it out to space thereby causing the warming of planet, sea level rise and other violent weather changes. For 650,000 years the carbon content in atmosphere did not exceed 300 ppm (parts per million) but now it is reaching 400 ppm and this increase is just in last 100 years see the image and I am sure it is quite  alarming that the humans are bent upon surely ending the race at the earliest. Paris Climate accord aims to limit the rise of earth’s temperature to less than 2 deg C over the pre Industrial levels by reducing emissions due to usage of fossil fuel and encourage use of clean and renewable energy. Each country has to contribute especially the major polluters America, China, India, Russia, Europe

In the name of development fossil fuel is being used extensively by various countries but then President Trump needs to look into the 2015 data & figures for America’s per capita carbon dioxide emission stands at 16.1 ton and total of 5.2 kilotons compared to India’s 1.9 ton and 2.4 Kilotons. China’s total emission is double of USA but the per capita emission is 7.7tons. His argument is that climate change is hoax and the countries that are asking America have collectively cost America trillions of dollars through touch trade practices and in many cases lax contribution to critical military alliance , he actually meant about India and China in particular. His decision has applauded by the Republican Party but not been accepted many Americans who are aware of the real danger being faced by this planet. Few states in USA have pledged to follow Paris climate change mitigation in spite of their president’s decision.

Each one of us on this earth are responsible for the future of this beautiful earth and let us all do our bit and I hope that the President of USA also realize his folly and rejoins this fight to save humanity.