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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Nickname- Fond memories

Many persons in this world would have nicknames and be known by that name only within the circle of friends and close relatives instead of the official given name or pet names. The nickname to a person may be given to them by their actions or looks or by shortening of their given name or place they stay and may sound silly to hear yet once it is stuck, it remains almost for the lifelong period. I have come across some interesting nicknames during my school and college days and some have interesting background as to why the nicknames were kept. By the way I too have a nickname from the school days and presently only few of my school friends still strike a connection with me using that nickname. I would write in a bit detail of my nickname in ensuing part of the blog but right now would share few nickname I have come across in my life and the reasons for them

 Khundak (meaning angry)….. My schoolmate named Sriram was only known by this name   for he looked angry always

   Chakku – Short form of given name Chakarapani

   Jingly – Do not know the reason for this but from the time I met Jaishankar in class 9 and I have    known him by this name only.

  Baandu (circular open container used for carrying cement slurry on the head)  We friends had gone to a place on visit and one person who had used the rest room forget to flush the toilet and when the next person visited it he came back and said he would need baandu to clean that shit J … this name stuck to the first person from that day

   Poonai (meaning cat) --- Having brown/ green colored eyes and my wife known to her family member by this name.

    Mental (mad) …a friend just after college who used to do odd things when people least expect it and the other friends just christened him by this name…even today nobody among the circle of friend call him by his given name.

    Squadron Leader (Rank in Air force) – A friend who had retired from forces is only known as this to all of us till date (Most have forgotten his given name)

Other than these I have come across so many nicknames given to various personalities who have been named for their exploits or actions by the public and has nothing to do with the fond memories of I have of the few listed above.

Image Courtesy: Google Images
Now coming to my nickname, I used to be an avaricious reader and at an young age I started reading westerns after having graduated through Enid Blyton's, Biggles, Hardy boys and so forth. My favorites western authors were were J T Edison, Louis L Amour, Max Brand and Oliver Strange. One day in my 9th Class my school bag was raided by the teacher and she found a novel shown in the image here by Oliver Strange named “Sudden Outlawed” and she gave a lecture to me having bought such a book to school. From then on couple of friend christened me as “Sudden” and this was the name I was called throughout my next three years in the school by friends. I was thrilled by this as the fictional character Sudden aka James Green was a hero in Wild West and was lightening fast with the handgun, reason for the nickname. 
Even to this day few of my friends know me only by Sudden not my real given name Ramesh. I also use another nickname on my photographs and blogs “Engram” which means Engineer Ramesh