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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Behavior in public places

Each person’s behavior  in public places differ and few of them quite jarring. Couple of incidents which happened during my recent travel comes to my mind. On my return from India I was relaxing in the executive lounge at Chennai airport enjoying my glass of beer and suddenly there was a shattering laugh and loud talk by two British travelers which made the entire lounge to jolt up. These travelers were so drunk that they hardly gave any thought of their fellow passengers trying to relax in a quite atmosphere and the decibel was going up with each gulp of their drink. I was surprised by this behavior of these westerners for generally they behave quite dignified in public…. Probably being in India made the difference !!!! I am sure they may not have reacted this way had they been in their home country. 

The other incident which also happened the same day is breaking of a queue. A popular southern cine actor, thought that he was far superior to all those people standing in the queue for the emigration was sent ahead of over 25 persons to the emigration officer… who rightly questioned as to why this preferential treatment… for all are paying passengers but of no avail !!!

I also read on the net that a woman was arrested for talking very loud over her mobile phone throughout the train journey on a complaint registered by the fellow passengers who had to bear the high decibel level for over 15 hours of travel.

In spite of being educated many people do not have the Etiquette to be followed in  public places and it does show them in bad light among the fellow human beings. World has to learn a lot from the Japanese… even in the worst of the situations after the devastating earthquake and the tsunami the populace in Japan showed that etiquette's of public places have to be maintained in the true spirit… there was no chaos in the relief lines and the population were standing in a queue waiting for their turn to get relief materials. Had it been any other country in the world I am sure there would not have been an orderly queue.. only chaos would have ruled the roost and the might would have walked away with the goodies leaving the meek to beg for the same.

So friends next time you are in public areas have some consideration for the people around you and act accordingly in a proper manner… never talk loudly over your cell phone, put off your mobile or in silent mode when you go for a show in theater and so forth… list is pretty long and I am sure each one of you know them.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

No chivalry is present these to live with it as it is !!!!

Days of chivalry and honour has passed right from the time that the mankind started using guns instead of swords !!! But then in wild west even with guns there was chivalry…. No unarmed person would be gunned down. But then these days these rules are not being followed and the surprising part is the Americans openly admit to have shot dead an unarmed man… that is Osama !!! I know it is  hard to digest the fact that any leeway has to give given to Osama , being the Americans most wanted man for last 10 years on account of being instrumental in destroying the twin towers at USA… the very symbol of the land of the opportunity.

But then being shot down by the special forces when he could have been apprehended and tried then hanged or shot would have had a greater importance then what has occurred now. It is quite natural for the Americans to say that it was the commander on the field who took that decision but then please do not forget that the entire presidential team including President Obama was watching the action live !!! and he could always have stopped the field commander from executing OBL and bring him as a prisoner to be dealt judiciously by the USA……. This would have earned them laurels instead  of the label of killing an unarmed man !!!
I do agree with sentiments of thousands of people around the world who have lost loved and near ones to the act of terrorism but would they pull a trigger and kill an unarmed man …. Naaah I do not think so !!!!
Well the worlds most dreaded terrorist has been now rid off by the Americans but then will this put an end to the terrorism…. No it would not and there are possibilities of an escalated activities of targeting the west and this is one of the reasons why the Americans have shut down their Embassies across this region……. A fear of retaliation and I am sure this would continue for a long time. !!!!
Well let us hope that at least with one head of the hydra has been cut off ,there would be a immediate reduction in various terrorist activities being sponsored by Al Qaida till such time they start flexing the muscles under a new leader. This sounds good for the Americans and the west for Al Qaida did not target India,,,,, it is the off shoot such as LET, JEM etc. The black ops against Osama has given rise to clamor from the Indian politician for actions against the terrorist organizations behind the Mumbai attacks………. We can only talk but not perform actions similar to that taken by the USA….. for we are not that technologically advanced and I do not think that an average Indian soldier would kill an unarmed person…..
I know what I have written may have no sense… no beginning or an end but then I wrote what flow through me in last few minutes !!!
People who read the post I would welcome your views and thoughts of the entire OBL operation….!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Can you believe it ............ seems more like a conspiracy theory !!!!!

The whole day all most all news channels have been focusing their news regarding the elimination of Osama Bin Laden by the American special forces.. the seal team !! Wow a great achievement to finally punish the person who was responsible for the 9/11 attacks on the Twin towers killing over 3000 innocent people. But then me being an average intelligent man it makes me wonder the actions taken by the USA in this operation….. is it really true that the person killed was OBL??? If it is a fact why wasn’t the body paraded to the world instead of being buried in sea by the American forces. The normal practice of the seal team is that they would not leave one of them behind even if they have died in action but taking the body of Osama Bin Laden raises lots of questions… why??.No clear answers to these question and many more put forward by various journalists and we need to let our imagination fly high and conceive a plausible theory of this operation.
There are too many loop holes in the versions being told today by the American authorities and denied /accepted by the Pakistani’s  …… or is it a ploy by the Obama administration to garner enough support within the United States for the re election coming up this year !!! I am sure each one of the persons reading this note would be intelligent to understand and contemplate the pros and cons of this story.

The united States says that it is purely an US operation , then how come the helicopters flew to the place without alerting the Pakistan air force or was the radar conveniently switched off with prior information from the US !!! Everything at this stage is speculation and we got to believe what is being fed to us… typical of the media and the politicians.!!!
Here is the clip of the speech given by President Obama about the death of Osama Bin Laden.     

A figurehead of terrorism had been eliminated after a span of 10 years and am sure it is a sigh of relief for most people in this world but then as some famous personalities have told in the media that this is not the end of terrorism … it is just a transition of the leader and the war against the terror will never end till all the heads of the Hydra are cut off !!!!!

This note is just my thought of events today and I am an ordinary person trying to live a peaceful life in the world … but then when bullshit is being reported it really irks me for most media and politicians thinks that an ordinary man can be fooled at their whims and fancies……..

Got nothing more to add !!!!!