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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Kabini Diaries -02

Nagarhole forest is known for its Leopards but then there are other predators and scavengers also residing here. Here is an image of Jackal pair on the banks of Kabini backwaters

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Are we Civilized ... is it a fact or an illusion

Image taken from Google Image
Recently a dentist at Delhi had an argument with a motorcycle rider for having driven rashly and had brushed his 8 year old son. The rider and the pillion fled the scene only to return back with their friends and family members from nearby settlement, a mob of over 10 persons armed with hockey sticks and iron rods. They dragged the dentist out of his house and beat him mercilessly to death and also beat up family member who tried to intervene. This is not an isolated incident and similar instances of rage is being seen all over India past few years  and even few other countries and it makes me wonder as to why so much pent up rage prevails in people these days. May be it is the frustrations in their personal lives and this is being vented out in form of violence. Do they repent their actions after such incidents?? Not everyone do I suppose and the reason I believe is that they are under the impression that there would be minimal if not no actions against them by the law. Why is this?? Well in some cases political parties in the opposition support these persons and they ensure that fancy and high priced lawyers are engaged to prove the guilty persons as innocent, some of them are powerful themselves because of their wealth and connections. Generally it the persons without any money or backing are the ones those are convicted in the event they partake in such activities.

Average middle class Indians have to be very tolerant in this country …. Tolerance or intolerance is not related to just religion as one might think due to the recent furor on the social media and other forms of media. What I meant is that  an average Indian would have to apologies and move away even though he is not at fault for any minor accidents on roads or arguments with strangers and so forth. Not moving away and trying to think that law is on his side and arguing may lead to his beating by the other party like the case of the dentist.

This not how a civilized society lives… but then this is how it is these days.Take care friends !!!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Kabini Diaries -01

There have been previous posts about wildlife at Kabini under Random clicks or specifically about Kabini forest . I am starting a fresh series called Kabini Diaries to showcase the wild life there and these post may have write up but generally would be photographs

Here is couple of pictures of the old male leopard known as the Torn Ear

Sitting beside the safari path smelling and scent marking

Walking behind the Vehicle

Sunday, March 27, 2016

#ThatDay - When our entire lives shook !!!

The shocking mail I got on my personal email id opened up the ground beneath my feet…. the biopsy report of sample taken from my wife… metastatic carcinoma confirmed!!!!

This is an one liner written for Indispire #110 on Indian Bloggers

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Believe it or not...strange treatment

This is a true recount of incident as told by a friend who witnessed this treatment and he did not want me to share names or location of the place as the people involved were worrried that authorities may take action on complaints from large & famous hospitals who do lose their customers to such clinics and hence i have not mentioned the details of the place or the name of the healer here. I did not believe the story when it was told but then my friend then shared the photograph of the removed stones and the details of the clinic and only then did i believe but still unable to digest it. Somethings are stranger than fiction that we may not believe it.. this is once such incident.

My friend’s relative was having acute pains in stomach and he consulted a doctor in a well known hospital in the city. He was put through various tests and scans and he was diagonised with stones over 5 mm in gall bladder and kidney. He was then asked to get operated at the earliest and the cost of this treatment was estimated to be around Rs 1,50,000.00. Being from a middle class family the patient  and the family members was running between pillar and post arranging funds for the treatment and while doing so my friends father came across a person who said that there are cheaper ways to remove the stones from the bladder. He said that there is a clinic in Chithoor district near Puttur where people with stones are treated with immediate effect and no hospitalization required. My friend’s family have been going to Puttur to a different person who has been treating them for various ailment and they have been satisfied with the treatment as it was showing positive results. So they all hired an Innova and set out to go to the clinic suggested and the cost of hire of the car was around Rs 7500.00. They reached the clinic around 9 am and was recieved by an assistant who asked for the details of ailments and the copies of the reports etc. He then ushered the patient and the attenders to healer’s room and explained to the healer in local language of the ailment. The healer then asked the patient to sit next to him and took some potion like oil in hand and just rubbed that in the area where the stones were there as per the scan. And after sometime the healer then put his hand at the spot and plucked out few times and handed the same in an ploythene cover to the patient and said.. “here are the stones that were disturbing you” .
Gall bladder Stones taken out

 Patient and the attenders were shocked to the core as there was no wound at all on the body and were not believing that if anything worthwhile has happened by travelling so far.The healer then asked the patient to take another scan once he gets back to the city and collected his fees for this procedure which was just Rs 400.00. Immediately on reaching the city my friend took his relative for ultra sound scan the very next day and to everyones surprise the scan report was  clean and there were  no more stones in his gall bladder and the kidney.
A big sigh of relief from the patient and his family as the person was treated for a paltry sum even with the taxi fare as compared to what they would have spent if they had gone for the treatment in the hospital. 

So friends is this believeable ??? I am sure none of you would..... but the fact remains that the stone have been removed !!!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

In Pursuit of happiness

India ranks 118th  out of 156 countries in the global list of happiest nations in the latest UN Happiness Index that was announced recently ( Read the news here ) . After reading this report it had me thinking if the population of India are really unhappy ?? Happiness of a person depends on various factors not just the  indicators of happiness taken into consideration by the study which were  GDP per capita,life expentancy ,social support and freedom  .

 “ Happiness depends on ourselves “ Aristotle   

Each one of us has different views of being happy and the crux of being happy is based on the actions taken by us as quoted by Aristotle  and these actions can vary each person . 

 “Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action.”--Thomas Jefferson

Happiness is just not due to possession of money nor material wealth as most persons construe but being content in what we have and living life each day as it unfolds with emotions of joy, affection, peace, pains, sorrow etc.

People for centuries have argued that Money can buy happiness and it is quite obvious that people who have more money can afford to buy what ever they please, pay the bills and take care of the wants of their loved ones and we think that this is the path to happiness. But having money is not the only path to happiness.We do see or know of people who do not have money or material wealth to be much happier than those who have it.

How is this possible ??? This would mean that if your worry less than you are a lot happier .  A song by Bobby Ferrin Don’t worry be happy come to my mind ... I did write about it quite some time back in 2014 and link to that post is Here  . So we can conclude that being happy is a choice that one must make. You could be happy if you want to be happy.

My advice to my friends is not to worry too much of the future but to live your present to the full avoiding negative emotions and be content with what you have or can get and then i am sure they would happier persons. I know it is not so easy to follow but then worrying does not resolve any issues and it makes ones life more miserable.