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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Believe it or not...strange treatment

This is a true recount of incident as told by a friend who witnessed this treatment and he did not want me to share names or location of the place as the people involved were worrried that authorities may take action on complaints from large & famous hospitals who do lose their customers to such clinics and hence i have not mentioned the details of the place or the name of the healer here. I did not believe the story when it was told but then my friend then shared the photograph of the removed stones and the details of the clinic and only then did i believe but still unable to digest it. Somethings are stranger than fiction that we may not believe it.. this is once such incident.

My friend’s relative was having acute pains in stomach and he consulted a doctor in a well known hospital in the city. He was put through various tests and scans and he was diagonised with stones over 5 mm in gall bladder and kidney. He was then asked to get operated at the earliest and the cost of this treatment was estimated to be around Rs 1,50,000.00. Being from a middle class family the patient  and the family members was running between pillar and post arranging funds for the treatment and while doing so my friends father came across a person who said that there are cheaper ways to remove the stones from the bladder. He said that there is a clinic in Chithoor district near Puttur where people with stones are treated with immediate effect and no hospitalization required. My friend’s family have been going to Puttur to a different person who has been treating them for various ailment and they have been satisfied with the treatment as it was showing positive results. So they all hired an Innova and set out to go to the clinic suggested and the cost of hire of the car was around Rs 7500.00. They reached the clinic around 9 am and was recieved by an assistant who asked for the details of ailments and the copies of the reports etc. He then ushered the patient and the attenders to healer’s room and explained to the healer in local language of the ailment. The healer then asked the patient to sit next to him and took some potion like oil in hand and just rubbed that in the area where the stones were there as per the scan. And after sometime the healer then put his hand at the spot and plucked out few times and handed the same in an ploythene cover to the patient and said.. “here are the stones that were disturbing you” .
Gall bladder Stones taken out

 Patient and the attenders were shocked to the core as there was no wound at all on the body and were not believing that if anything worthwhile has happened by travelling so far.The healer then asked the patient to take another scan once he gets back to the city and collected his fees for this procedure which was just Rs 400.00. Immediately on reaching the city my friend took his relative for ultra sound scan the very next day and to everyones surprise the scan report was  clean and there were  no more stones in his gall bladder and the kidney.
A big sigh of relief from the patient and his family as the person was treated for a paltry sum even with the taxi fare as compared to what they would have spent if they had gone for the treatment in the hospital. 

So friends is this believeable ??? I am sure none of you would..... but the fact remains that the stone have been removed !!!!!

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