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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Are we Civilized ... is it a fact or an illusion

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Recently a dentist at Delhi had an argument with a motorcycle rider for having driven rashly and had brushed his 8 year old son. The rider and the pillion fled the scene only to return back with their friends and family members from nearby settlement, a mob of over 10 persons armed with hockey sticks and iron rods. They dragged the dentist out of his house and beat him mercilessly to death and also beat up family member who tried to intervene. This is not an isolated incident and similar instances of rage is being seen all over India past few years  and even few other countries and it makes me wonder as to why so much pent up rage prevails in people these days. May be it is the frustrations in their personal lives and this is being vented out in form of violence. Do they repent their actions after such incidents?? Not everyone do I suppose and the reason I believe is that they are under the impression that there would be minimal if not no actions against them by the law. Why is this?? Well in some cases political parties in the opposition support these persons and they ensure that fancy and high priced lawyers are engaged to prove the guilty persons as innocent, some of them are powerful themselves because of their wealth and connections. Generally it the persons without any money or backing are the ones those are convicted in the event they partake in such activities.

Average middle class Indians have to be very tolerant in this country …. Tolerance or intolerance is not related to just religion as one might think due to the recent furor on the social media and other forms of media. What I meant is that  an average Indian would have to apologies and move away even though he is not at fault for any minor accidents on roads or arguments with strangers and so forth. Not moving away and trying to think that law is on his side and arguing may lead to his beating by the other party like the case of the dentist.

This not how a civilized society lives… but then this is how it is these days.Take care friends !!!

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