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Monday, June 15, 2020

Main Hoon Na (I am there)

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Depression is a serious illness and not many are willing to acknowledge they are suffering because of the stigma attached to this disease and the fear of being labeled as mad. Depression affect most people at some point of time in their lives and some tide over this with the help of the friends who lend their shoulders but most of them suffering from this will be in denial mode leading to break down if professional help is not sought. The disease is curable by means of therapy and medication, however the masses needs to be educated  that there is nothing wrong with the person who seeks help from professionals for their mental health.

Depressions during the pandemic lockdowns are bound to soar as most businesses are shut and there is hardly any work going on in any sector. In India we are seeing the an increasing number of people succumbing to the depressions by committing suicide (nearly over 50 cases that has been reported) and these hardly seems to make to the first page headlines as in the case of a celebrity a promising actor Sushant Singh Rajput who portrayed MS Dhoni in the biopic hanged himself from the fan in his room. Reason for this actor’s depression is not yet known but he has been taking medication for last 6 months for the very disease.

In my earlier blog Dead End written sometime this January I did mention that many persons from the entertainment industry are depressed for various reasons and especially now with the lockdown there is hardly any shoot happening so a potential earning lost. This is too hard on struggling actors, models who depend of regular shoots to sustain their glamourous lifestyles. With nothing to survive on while the world comes crashing down around them, the only escape route they think of is committing suicide. 

How does one help the person who you feel is going through a bout of depression?? I am sure that nobody is going to call you and tell you that he or she is depressed. You need to gauge it based on the persons actions and ensure that you listen to their outpour without telling them that their thoughts are not correct.. just keep listening and do not be judgmental , preach or even for the matter suggest anything. It is quite possible that outpour of the person may vent out the frustrations that has been pent up within them for a long time because you lent you ear and heard them out. This is what most persons struggling with depression are looking for and in absence of such companion or a therapist only leads to suicidal thoughts, alcoholism, drugs and lot more.

So my friends all i can say is that be there for your friends or a family members in their times of need and I am sure there would be a decline in suicides due to depressions… Life is beautiful and let us all enjoy this one life

Monday, June 8, 2020

Callousness by Private Hospitals during Pandemic

There was a new article wherein some hospitals in Chennai were asking for an advance of Rs 3 Lacs for admitting a covid19 patient and the charges they were stating was in the region of Rs 1 lac per day without being admitted in ICU, however in the event you are to be taken to ICU then the charges will be Rs 1.5 lacs per day and these statements made were captured on camera. The entire course if we consider being 14 days of treatment to be asymptomatic then the admitted person would be spending approximately Rs 15 lacs but if complications takes place then you need to get ICU & ventilator support and you may end up spending over Rs 30-35 lacs.

Similarly at Delhi even after the Delhi government announced that Delhite covid19 patients will get admission to various hospitals at capped tariffs there were no beds available for coronavirus patients, however if you willing to pay up Rs 5 lacs then you are guaranteed to get admission into the hospital and your final bill would depend on the treatments and usage of specialized equipment.  

In Mumbai a covid19 patient was transported just 200 meters to a hospital form a clinic by an ambulance who charged Rs 8000 for this trip. The relatives of the patient have no other alternative but to pay up these exorbitant demands. In this case the incident of payment was caught on camera.

The above cities are not the only cities in India where the private hospitals and ambulance services are taking advantage of the pandemic situation to fleece the public, it is happening all over India and are yet to make the news. One other news was that there was some kind of type of tie up between private testing labs and hospitals and the modus operndi was that the testing lab used to issue false positive report and would advise patients to go to the partner hospital for treatment for which the testing lab gets a hefty commission from the hospital. All these actions just go to show the callousness of people to make money from public when they are already reeling from the effect of covid19 pandemic which has already taken away their earning due to enforcement of lockdown of the country thereby no work and hence no pay. Also most Indians are from Middle class and they do not have the kind of monies involved for the treatment of the virus.

I have few doctor friends who immediately jumped at me and was justifying that the additional money or the high cost is required as the risk is being taken by people in those hospitals etc. and they need to be paid extra. They further commented that if you cannot afford the cost of private hospital go to government hospital. It makes me wonder if they people became doctors for the service of the public or just that they can earn money on the miseries of the diseased persons.

I personally hope that the Indian Government comes down very hard with all their might against such perpetrators and mete out very harsh punishment to such hospitals and testing facilities as an example for all such business not to take advantage of public during a global pandemic. I do know this is just a pipe dream, for in India ..  toda killao tho sab maaf hai ( Part with some money then law backs down).

The state governments has now capped the amount chargeable by private hospitals and in Chennai it was decided that Rs 7500 will be the maximum charge in a general ward of private hospitals that offer tertiary care, Ra 15000 for ICU care in such hospitals & Rs 22500 if life saving equipment such as ventilators are used. However if the patients wants to check into delux room or suites they will be charged additional. A welcome new indeed but then with this new fees there is hardly any bed free in any of the hospitals and the only way you can get admitted is that if you are willing to pay more and do not make a noise of it !!!!

I did write about my experiences with testing centers and hospitals and you can read it here

Stay home and stay safe !!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2020

#AllLivesMatter or #BlackLivesMatter

Historically from the colonial times racial prejudice has been prevalent in America be it against African who were bought into the country as slaves or Native Americans (Red Indians). These people have been subjected immense discrimination in hands of the white colonial people and there was no law protecting them from abuse including death in case of the Red Indians. We keep talking of the atrocities conducted by Nazi Germans against Jews in the name of cleansing the earth of non-Aryans but little is being said of British or American for their similar stand that of the white supremacy. American used to hero worship the white supremacy hate group Ku Klux Klan whose main targets were African Americans and their action was glorified. First Klan was formed in 1865 and it withered in 1871, second clan was from 1915 to 1944 and they were Anti-Immigration, Anti-Semitism, Anti-Catholicism, Anti-Communism and so forth and the third Klan formed in 1946 to present times who advocate Neo Nazism, Neo Fascism, Anti Islam, Anti LGBT, Anti-Immigration. In other word there are group of Americans that still believe in White Supremacy.

The ugly face of the White Supremacy reared its head with the death of George Floyd an African American at Minneapolis happened on 25th May 2020, when a white Police officer knelt on his neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds while he was being handcuffed behind his back. He was being arrested on suspicion of passing counterfeit $20 bill and this took place in front of so many shoppers who filmed the incident  and the social media was set ablaze by these video posted by them. An unarmed black American killed by a white Police office is just a right catalyst to ignite the community protest and that’s what happened in Minneapolis America on 26th May.. Initially very peaceful but then the protest turned violent with police precinct being burnt down and shops being looted. Protests started all over the country and the world as well and anyone who wanted 2 seconds of fame have started posting on the social media stories of racism and of the movement Black lives Matter with a hashtag #Blacklivesmatter

 Though the racial prejudice is still a norm in America impacting all colored people be it African Americans or Indians or Native Indian and people from the Far East life goes on as usual till such time some incident occurs and then the fuse blows. Suddenly protests breaks out all over the country turning violent leading to damages and looting of properties …venting of the pent up frustrations of trampled people all in the name of #Blacklivesmatter protests.

Close at the heels of this incident in America there was an Incident in India involving a pregnant Elephant that had a horrifying death due to eating a pineapple filled with country fire cracker. This news of the death of pregnant elephant has been in circulation in wild life group but it garnered massive support of the news media the moment few celebrities made a hue and cry on the social media and the hashtag #AllLivesMatter made a splash with almost everyone using it to get their two minutes fame.

Well the use of fruit filled with country firecracker, snares, poison and electric fences are being used by farmers along the fringes of forest to protect their crops against the raiding wild animals such as Elephants, Deer Boars and so many of them have been killed by this gruesome method and there has been no uproar at all.. if all lives matter then what about life of the animal killed in these circumstances is the question I ask them???. During the same time as the death of the pregnant elephant one other bull elephant died as a similar fruit laden with country burst in its jaw and there has been no news of it at all. Why is there a partiality in such deaths???

Similarly  #Blacklivesmatter, so many blacks have been killed by fellow black and nothing happens but one incident of a white man killing a black person which is quite minuscule whole country erupts to protests, riots and looting endangering peaceful population.

Be it people of any color or any animal, their lives do matter and it is quite important that we humans race do not discriminate fellow human on the basis of color, creed, religion, country, state and physical appearances. Also we all should ensure that the animals are also not wantonly killed.

During these times the world is already reeling under the grip of Covid19 pandemic and additional problems of racial riots are not required. In my opinion all the hysteria being churned on social media is  by persons wanting to become famous of having been under spot light or involved in actions against racism or animal killing to garner their two minutes of fame. So what do you think?? Do let me know your thoughts

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Six feet apart is better than six feet down

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Human race is defined by love, hugs, kisses, social gatherings, passion and lot more emotions for it is the very essence of our being. Microscopic virus has bought the entire human race to its knees and is redefining the socials norms associated with all of us by imposing social distancing with fear of being infected and health threat. The phrase “Six feet apart is better than six below ground “is quite apt in the current prevailing situation world over. Widespread isolation due the fear of pandemic is surely going to distance us from each other and this is not a good sign at all.

Many are sitting alone in their homes disconnected from real social contact and are having virtual meeting using apps on laptops or smart phones. Initially it seems like fun but then after sometime each of us will surely want to meet person to person and enjoy the joys of togetherness and I hope it does happen soon. If not I am sure that loneliness will be one of the major factors that would affect human race and it will have far reaching consequences in mental health of humans. Fear of getting infected will keep governing our actions such as not opening your house doors to visitors or go out to places of gathering such as shops and so forth.

Coronavirus Covid19 has shown that none of us are safe until all of us are safe. There are no longer cultural hierarchies, economic immunities or economic privileges for any region, nation or country. No country can win this fight on its own. Human race now understand that their fate and future is tied to each one of us and if someone manages to find a solution to contain or defeat the virus then the entire human race is saved. A breakthrough in one part of the world would immediately be a breakthrough for every other part of the world. Very few moments in history offer us this sense of a joint mission or common goal for all mankind. 

There is a sense of urgency in finding possible vaccine or medication to help to fight the virus by almost all countries be it China or UK or Canada or India or USA. There has been considerable progress in the finding possible vaccine or medication, but then there is a protocol that needs to be addressed to ensure that the medicine is safe to be used on humans. But it is still an open question as to whether a treatment or a vaccine will be found within a matter of months or if it will take years.
We human in the meantime need to take all necessary precautions to limit the spread of virus and also be mentally strong and not succumb to fear and depressions. There is no doubt that this pandemic has redefined ones priorities in life and there is no doubt in my mind that each of us would be evaluating those priorities in the coming days.

Stay safe and pray that a treatment or a vaccine is found fast .

Friday, March 20, 2020

Divided we stand and United we fall

A new Coronavirus that has been named Covid-19 subsequently and has flu like symptoms, affecting the respiratory parts of human body was first noticed in Wuhan, China. What started as an endemic has now taken the entire world by a storm and has become a pandemic. Panic and fear reigns as the virus is unrelentingly increasing each day with governments all around ordering lockdowns, cancellation of flights and public transportation in order to contain the spread. 

During the growing up years most of have been taught of a phrase   “United we stand and divided we fall” but this virus has changed this phrase diametrically opposite “Divided we stand and united we fall”. You may ask why so?? Well by being divided you curtail the spread of the virus and that is the reason why most governments are imposing compulsory quarantine of 2 weeks. 

With the Covid-19 virus circulating around the globe before being detected or emerging as a pandemic people were under the impression that this was just affecting the Chinese mainland only but then now Italy has overtaken China on all accounts and now Europe is the epicenter of this medical holocaust. Extensive actions like lockdowns, cancellation of flights etc being taken by various countries around the globe now may be a case of shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted. In other words the virus may already be in. 

Once the virus is in your body, there's no way of killing it - your body just has to fight it off. There is no vaccine for this infection however the infected are being treated with combination of drugs and quite a few have recovered for the infection. Almost most medical companies are racing to get the vaccine out and earliest possibilities of these vaccines will be at least a year to year and half from now. 

The fear of uncertainty and rumors on social media is creating panic among the population leading to unnecessary stress and worry. The best way to tide over this is to ensure that you take proper precautions such as regular washing of hands with soap after having come in contact with surfaces in public areas, maintaining a social distancing, if possible work from home. Also if you feel that you may have possible influenza then ensure that you wear a mask to prevent spraying of fluids while you cough or sneeze, isolate yourself from others so that you do not infect others around you. All flu need not be Covid-19 but then be aware of the possible symptoms and ensure that you go to the nearest doctor, get tested and take medication as prescribed.

Be careful and obey the laws of the land where ever you are staying and practice safe living and I am sure we all will be able to overcome the current threat the world is facing.