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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Liebster Blog Awards !!!!

A great feeling that a fellow blogger Devan  has nominated me to receive the Liebster Blog award. Being relatively new in the blog community was surprised that I have been nominated and I once again thank Devan  for this award, and it been my pleasure to get acquainted with you through this medium.
Liebster means beloved in German and this award is for spreading love among bloggers.

Rules for accepting the Liebster Blog award:
  • Link back to the person who gave you the award.
  • Pick 5 people deserving of the award and notify them on their blogs.
  • Post the award on your blog and spread the love.
     Since i hardly know anyone in this field i have nominated the following 5 people whose blog i generally follow regularly.

       The growls of a street mongrel
       Chronicles of an Unknown Indian
       Rachna Says
       Chronic Writer

    Congratulations  to you all and hope you like the same. All the very best to you all.


Nature and environment ....Are we doing enough to protect it for future generations

It is said that Man would be the cause of damage to the mother earth because of his unconcerned and thoughtless actions he takes when it comes to environment or nature. You must be wondering why this topic all of a sudden…well I was visiting Coimbatore last week to catch up with my younger sister residing there and we planned to drive to Indira Gandhi wildlife sanctuary near Pollachi one day and to Kothagiri / Conoor second day to connect with the nature that is abundant in those regions and what I saw there was pretty shocking. While going towards Kothagiri I noticed quite a lot of people sitting along the road in the morning openly drinking and throwing the empty liquor bottles, plastic water bottles and covers into the forest below without any iota of conscious  and broken glass is strewn all round that could injure any wildlife there. Most Indians hardly bother about the impact to the environment that they cause by dumping rubbish and waste wherever they please and it is high time that some definite plans and actions needs to be initiated to avoid such actions and protect the forests. Nilgiris ranges and the surrounding areas are nominated by UNESCO as Biosphere reserve, which is meant to demonstrate the perfect blend and relationship between Man and Nature but then actions of few  wayward persons can have far reaching consequences at a later date.

We keep talking of deforestation, depletion of ozone layer, global warming, pollution of atmosphere and so forth but general population hardly gives any thoughts of disposing of the garbage and waste being generated by them on a daily basis. Most cities have designated areas where the garbage can be dumped for collection by the municipal authorities for final disposal and yet go into any of the city today you would find various waste materials strew all around. Suburbs are the worst for they always get step motherly treatment compared to the few affluent localities and there are no proper collection or disposal systems in place and the suburbs are overflowing with garbage and refuse. The population living in these areas resort to dumping of the garbage in any open area ,but away from their houses …Pure hypocrites for they are only bothered about cleanliness in front of their houses. Little that they know that the garbage dumped few meters away from their home can cause hygiene issues to them in days to come. Garbage being dumped attracts stray dogs, rodents and other scavengers and the menace is increasing day by day. When I first moved into the suburb we did not have a single stray dog on our road but today you would find over 14 dogs scampering around and their population is on the rise each breeding season. Walking back home late night is a major issue with all these stray dogs growling and barking at persons walking. I am sure that one of these days someone is going to get bitten by these dogs.

If each one of us do little things like proper disposal of garbage and refuse i am sure the planet earth will be benefited. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Random Clicks -02

Photographs of few road side vendors who ply their trade to make both ends meet.

Old lady getting her open air shop ready early morning in front of a school

Competition to the lady on the picture above 
Fish vendor doing house to house sale

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Kolaiveri in Schools

Ninth standard school boy stabs his Hindi teacher to death yesterday at Chennai since he was upset with her constant complaints to his father that he was under performing and further he was worried that he might not be promoted to the next class. The news was shocking for this is quite strange that aggression due to anxiety and stress among school going children has resulted in such an extreme step taken by the Chennai boy. This raises question about the educational system being followed by schools that pressurize their students to over perform so that the school achieves great results in board exams thereby enhance their brand image in this blooming educational commercial venture without giving any thoughts about the children. The school going children are being burdened both mentally and physically these days… you can see each morning teenage children who are in middle school lugging heavy school bags filled with all the books weighing over 15 kgs on their frail shoulders and it could lead to damaging the shoulders.

I do not recollect of any such issues faced by me during my school days nearly 4 decades back and going to school was so much fun and frolic. In addition to studies we had all the time in the world to play and have fun also each day. I hardly see such enthusiasm among the present day school going children.  But then there has been a sea of change in the society from those days and the intense competitions / comparisons by the peers at school and the parents have curbed the interests of the child. 

The teachers for sure would say that whatever they are doing is for the good of the child but then they also need to be a bit humane in their approach since the strict behavior and overloading could lead to extreme stress and anxiety among the children.  Critics may say that students have no tensions or stress but I beg to differ on this account as I deal with these issues with my two school going daughters who face similar issues in their school. The dampening factor in all these are the parents who needs to motivates the child without being over bearing or burdening them. Parents who are not emotionally available for their children or lack of coping mechanisms spur the child to become stressed. Such children tend to respond to the stress with indignation and aggression which would have lasting impact in their lives and sometimes lead to depressions and under performances

Following needs to be done by Parents to avoid their offspring becoming stressed

Talk with your child. Find out what`s happening in his life. Be honest and open with him. He should talk about his problems or write them down. Teach him to transfer coping strategies to other situations.
Do not burden them with your problems or your aspirations of them. But tell your children of the family goals and discuss the difficulties in a friendly manner.
Compliment children when they do well, and don`t forget hugs and kisses.
Use humour to buffer bad feelings and situations. A child who learns to use humour himself will be better able to keep things in perspective.
Don`t overload your child with too many after-school activities and responsibilities. Let children learn to pace themselves. Don`t enrol them in every class that comes along, and don`t expect them to be first in everything.
 Set a good example. Demonstrate self-control and coping skills. He/she can benefit by seeing how you cope successfully with stress.
 Get friends` or professional help when you think that the problems seem beyond your skills.

Aftermath of the incidence has given to lots of discussion about the very thing I have mentioned above and I hope that in years to come there is a definite change in the pattern of schooling which would bring joy and happiness among children once again.

Image Courtesy : Google Images