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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Nature and environment ....Are we doing enough to protect it for future generations

It is said that Man would be the cause of damage to the mother earth because of his unconcerned and thoughtless actions he takes when it comes to environment or nature. You must be wondering why this topic all of a sudden…well I was visiting Coimbatore last week to catch up with my younger sister residing there and we planned to drive to Indira Gandhi wildlife sanctuary near Pollachi one day and to Kothagiri / Conoor second day to connect with the nature that is abundant in those regions and what I saw there was pretty shocking. While going towards Kothagiri I noticed quite a lot of people sitting along the road in the morning openly drinking and throwing the empty liquor bottles, plastic water bottles and covers into the forest below without any iota of conscious  and broken glass is strewn all round that could injure any wildlife there. Most Indians hardly bother about the impact to the environment that they cause by dumping rubbish and waste wherever they please and it is high time that some definite plans and actions needs to be initiated to avoid such actions and protect the forests. Nilgiris ranges and the surrounding areas are nominated by UNESCO as Biosphere reserve, which is meant to demonstrate the perfect blend and relationship between Man and Nature but then actions of few  wayward persons can have far reaching consequences at a later date.

We keep talking of deforestation, depletion of ozone layer, global warming, pollution of atmosphere and so forth but general population hardly gives any thoughts of disposing of the garbage and waste being generated by them on a daily basis. Most cities have designated areas where the garbage can be dumped for collection by the municipal authorities for final disposal and yet go into any of the city today you would find various waste materials strew all around. Suburbs are the worst for they always get step motherly treatment compared to the few affluent localities and there are no proper collection or disposal systems in place and the suburbs are overflowing with garbage and refuse. The population living in these areas resort to dumping of the garbage in any open area ,but away from their houses …Pure hypocrites for they are only bothered about cleanliness in front of their houses. Little that they know that the garbage dumped few meters away from their home can cause hygiene issues to them in days to come. Garbage being dumped attracts stray dogs, rodents and other scavengers and the menace is increasing day by day. When I first moved into the suburb we did not have a single stray dog on our road but today you would find over 14 dogs scampering around and their population is on the rise each breeding season. Walking back home late night is a major issue with all these stray dogs growling and barking at persons walking. I am sure that one of these days someone is going to get bitten by these dogs.

If each one of us do little things like proper disposal of garbage and refuse i am sure the planet earth will be benefited.