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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Gadgets affecting ones memory

Getting old is the way of nature but then the human mind is pretty sharp right until death unless of course the person is suffering from ailment that affects ones memory. To keep it sharp we need to exercise the brain regularly similar to going to a gym for maintaining good physique. But these days we have new gadgets to help us out and we hardly work out our brain as we have started depending on the devices for simple actions such as recalling a number or doing simple mathematics in our day to day lives and am sure you would agree with it.

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Off late when somebody asks me for a contact’s telephone number I immediately take out my mobile phone and scroll the contacts and give them the number. But this was not the case in good old days (35 years back) before the advent of the mobile devices; for I could remember over 100 telephone and recite them from my memory. Reason for this decline in memory is not due to your grey cells are dying .It is because  that we do not attempt to etch the numbers to the memory like we used to do it earlier days ,as now we have all grown too used to referring the mobile phone’s memory .

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Similarly simple additions, subtractions, multiplication and divisions were done in the mind good old days but now days I have noticed that most people would immediately take a calculator or mobile with that application for simple calculations instead of remembering the basic mathematics that they had studied in their school days. You can notice it quite prevalent in super markets and shops most cashiers use the calculators for working out the balance money to be given back even if the subtraction is a simple one. It is quite possible that they are paranoid of having to pay up from their salary in they make mistake when they calculate without use of devices.

This is just a random ramble of a bored mind and not advocating that gadgets of current times are bad only that I feel bad that the younger generation is too dependent of these gadgets that they can do it in their minds. My suggestion is that each one of you make attempt in memorizing few numbers of your loved ones so that any failures of the devices you depend on does not affect you in contacting them in the event of emergencies.

I sure would love to hear your thoughts about the same and your experiences of utilizing your grey cells J

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