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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Superstition and you

Recent new report of bald men being targeted for ritual killing in Mozambique as superstitious belief is that the head of bald men contain gold and as on date 5 men have been killed and various body parts and head taken for ritualistic purpose ( Read the report here) .This news made me think of the common superstitions that is being followed by many people in our society be it in India or in other parts of the world.

Definition of Superstition: A widely held but irrational belief in supernatural influences, especially as leading to good or bad luck, or a practice based on such a belief.

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Superstition has been in this planet right from the early days of man and each tribe had a witch doctor that would carry out rituals and tell the tribesmen of the good or the bad times that is going to unfold. Then it went a step further when the witch doctors were consulted for any action that would be taken by the chief of the tribe. This is prevalent even today and I know of eminent personalities in various field who would not take any new decisions without consulting an astrologer to check if their actions would ensure success.  

Almost everyone in this world indulges in superstition now and then so that they may get through their life or achieve a goal and if the belief works out then would keep continue in following that irrespective of how irrational that belief is. In my personal opinion we should not allow the rituals and superstition to rule the way you lead your life but then I personally know so many people that I have come across who are extremely superstitious. Superstition may stem out of the fear of uncertain life that is unknown and certain belief may provide comfort and guidance in facing the future. A common superstitious practice that is being followed by most people is reading what the stars foretell in daily newspapers or to hear about the day as per your star on the TV (Astrology). My mother-in-law each day at 7 am will sit down in front of the TV and keep listening to this and then would advice to other family members on actions to do or not to do.

Lot of people in this world thinks that they are not superstitious but subconsciously may do certain actions in their life that is superstitious for example clinking glasses while having drinks. Logically we would imagine that highly educated and rational people would not believe such thought, but then they are also drawn into Superstition. Each person may have a different superstition … like Sachin Tendulkar would wear his left pad first as he believes he would do well if he does it. Similarly the current sensation Virat Kohli wears the same pair of gloves he wore when he started scoring well. Lot more examples are there and am sure you also know such things and I am not penning them all down for this blog would not end. Here again I have personally come across some of my friends who are superstitious and quite fussy about the same even though it may seem quite silly.

Here is the list of well known superstition that is followed for ages 
  1. Friday the 13thPsychologists have even come up with a word for how you're feeling – paraskavedekatriaphobia, or fear of Friday the 13th. This superstitions comes from the time Jesus Christ’s Crucifixion that took place on 13th day a Friday.
  2. Fear of the number 13 stems from the above and this superstition is so widespread throughout the world that you would hardly see a 13th floor in buildings, 13th floor button on elevator or the 13th row in the airliners.
  3. Left palm itching means money is coming and right palm itching means you would meet someone new.
  4. Walking below a ladder means bad luck so it is avoided
  5. Keeping fingers crossed is supposed to bring good luck… no wonder we say we are keeping our fingers crossed when we are waiting for some results.
  6. Having a horseshoe on door frame brings good luck
  7. Black cat crossing your path also is supposed be bad luck
  8. Dog howling at nights means bad omen.
  9. Never give a purse or wallet empty..need to put some money before gifting.
  10. In Russia if a bird poops on you or your car or your property means that it bring you riches… more the poop more the riches I suppose
  11. Never light three cigarettes with a single match 
  12. And many more …..

So friends are you also superstitious??? Share your comments and I would love to hear about them.I leave you all with a song by Stevie Wonder- Superstitious  (Courtesy YouTube)