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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Ripped Jeans

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Recently I watching television and in one of the Bollywood function I saw the stars both men and women wearing ripped and tattered blue denim jeans pants and shirts and this was their fashion statement. I still remember that ripped jeans pants was quite a rage during late 80’s because Kurt Cobain(Nirvana) used to wear these. But then it dropped out of fashion after few years and has resurfaced now with a bang.

Blue denim jeans has been my favorite wear right from the time I started going to college way back in 1974 as they were quite rugged and fashionable as well when worn with matching shirts even those days when jeans were frowned upon by our elders. The more you wear the jeans it used to fade irregularly and more it fades it was considered fashionable. The markets came up with an idea to manufacturing new jeans using stone wash/ acid wash, sand blasting so to fade new jeans to give an appearance of being used over long period by the wearer.

Courtesy Google Images
I can still hear my mother scolding me not to wear the faded, torn and tattered jeans for she used to say it makes me look like a beggar and we used to discard the jeans when the ripping at the knee became too big or if it was not possible to stitch a funky badge over the tear or sometimes we used to convert it to shorts. Seeing the current trend in the market where a tattered and ripped jeans cost lot more than a normal pair and it does makes me wonder as to why we all discarded the jeans then J

Stars and well known personalities from Hollywood and Music industry come up with such crazy ideas of fashion and immediately everyone laps it up including the stars from our country. I have had trouble standing and wearing the naturally ripped jeans for my toes used to go and get stuck at the tear and at time make the tear bigger so I keep wondering how does stars wear the ripped and tattered jeans …possibly they would wear these only once and discard it. Just a thought!!!

The latest 2017 fashion trend in men’s clothing that was unveiled in USA this year was Homeless inspired fashion dress or the street people and this fashion show was mired in various controversies. God knows when the leaf/ loin cloth is going to return as fashion for the trend seems to going back in times.