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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Beef Ban -- Religious Conspiracy or plain foolhardy decision????

The central government has issued a rule banning the sale of cattle including cows and buffalos to slaughter house though out India has sparked protests and intense debates in non-Hindi speaking belts i.e. in North East and Southern states. It is said that this ban has been enforced to appease the Hindu conservatives who have been advocating that beef should not be consumed as Cow is considered holy and sacred. The fundamental right of the people that is guaranteed by the Constitution of India is being trampled by the Government of India by issuing this order is quite surprising. Enforcement of this rule would mean that India’s export of beef which stood at the second place behind Brazil will plummet down and the entire beef industry in India is going bust and livelihood of millions of people in this industry destroyed. Chennai High Court today has issued a Stay order on the ban and we will have to wait for the reactions from those who want the ban.

It is hypocritical for the Hindus to claim that Cows are sacred and beef eating was perpetrated by the conquering Muslim clans. It is recorded in ancient Indian scriptures that Brahminical communities consumed beef and also certain Hindu gods like Indra and Agni had preference for beef. So when did the Hindus change their stance on the cow being sacred and has to be revered???.  Delve deeper into history and you would notice that it was after the advent of Buddhism, the followers were appealing to the public to convert to Buddhism. One of the reasons given to convert was protection of cattle and wealth that was needed for agricultural economy. Brahmins felt the threat to their Bramhmic values from Buddhism was severe and were losing their grip on the low caste people. In order to regain the upper hand had to forego various practices and sacrifice of cows and eating their meat was one of them, and was then successful in banishing Buddhism from India. It was during these time that the Brahminical ideology took up cow as a sacred animal. It may be interesting to note that Buddha’s reason for calling to stop cattle sacrifice was based on reasoning that the cattle would be of help in agriculture and economy only and he did not turn a vegetarian and was not a cow worshiper. Despite the rigid stance taken by Brahmins to project cow as mother and being sacred,  the followers of Buddhism continued eating flesh including beef and so too the low caste people. As the Brahmins were dominant during the times of Mughals, Barber specifically asked his son Humayun to respect cows and avoid cow slaughters. 

Image Courtesy : Google Images

I think it is enough of history lessons now here … the ban slaughter call by the RSS & Hinduvatas has been going on for quite a long time but was not imposed nationally till such time the central government issued a rule recently. This in turn has affected the people who are used to eating beef as you would not be able to buy legally now. The type of food consumed is an individual’s choice and this cannot and should not be enforced by the Government of secular India. Tamasha’s is happening in various parts of India especially in Kerala & Bengal where beef festivals were organized in defiance of the ban, moral policing by Hindu groups by beating up beef eaters or cattle transporters and so forth, protests in Chennai and beating up of a PhD student at IIT Madras for having participated and eaten beef is the top news now a days in India. 

It is very sad to see that will of few is being imposed on entire country and we call ourselves largest democratic and secular nation. Is there a conspiracy behind these actions to divide India on basis of eating habit or religion will come to fore in days to come. I hope some sanity prevails among the leaders instead of making such a big hue and cry on this issue … few even demanding to name the cow as a national animal. Most do not know their history well and it was because of it had to resort to writing about ancient Hindus in patches( Lot more extensive write up is available on Google for people to look up about this)

For the record I am a Hindu Brahman and do consume meat but not beef and the reasons are that I do not like the taste of it. I have no issue a Hindu if somebody else in my friend circle have beef at the same time I have my meals unlike the hardcore Hinduvatas who get riled up with frothing mouths the moment they hear the word BEEF.

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