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Monday, November 1, 2010

In continuation of uncertainity

Today went to the hospital to see Mr. Sharma.... my neighbor as mentioned in my earlier post of yesterday. His entire right side is been paralyzed and he is unable to talk also. His wife has returned back this afternoon and his son is due to be here in couple of days. The reasons or causes are not being speculated at this point of time as the doctors here needs to observe him for 2-3 days. ECG is normal which means it is a stroke but the magnitude of this is yet to be found.... can you believe it that the scan machine has broken down and they are no able to conduct a CAT scan !!!

Well no wonder most people prefer to go to their country in case of operation or serious treatments. Even the locals go to various countries such as Pakistan, India , Malaysia or USA for major treatments. This is the state of affairs here at Oman.

By the grace of god there is no danger to his life !!!!!