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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day to day living .... an Uncertainity !!!!

Early this morning my mobile started ringing even before my alarm rang and woke up thinking its my family members calling me to wish me on my birthday... but then no, it was a colleague of mine calling to say that there might be some issues with my next door neighbor Mr. Sharma , a person we know and work in the same site has some problems and they are not able to get any response from within the house.He is over 65 years of age and his wife had just traveled couple of days back to U.K to visit their daughter and she has been trying to call him on his mobile from yesterday night. As she was not getting any reply to her calls she called up a colleague of his and also another person within the building to go to the flat and check.

Door banging and using the calling bell was of no use as there was silence within the flat and it was then decided to break open the door and see if all is well. As per the rule we need to have police around for doing the same and the building manager informed ROP who promptly sent an officer. In the presence of the officer the door lock was broken and on entry my neighbor was found lying in the passage of the flat, unable to talk or get up but conscious. A suspected stroke or a  heart attack is the reason.....immediately an ambulance was called and he was taken to the emergency ward of Sultan Qaboos Hospital.

When i think of this incident it just sends jitters down my spine since i am also staying alone here in Oman and i am not growing any younger ...........

I hope and pray that my neighbor gets well soon without any complications.