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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Life is not a bed of roses........... some have only patches of thorns

Every living being has to die at some point of time.... its the nature but then one does not know when the end is coming. Last week called a friend just to say hello and i was informed that she is in hospital discharging her father who is 74 yrs old and had been diagnosed with final stages of thyroid cancer. A man who was hale and healthy for most part of life and has no vices like smoking, drinking etc , never had been admitted in hospital and this confinement in hospital was a mystery to him also. He had complained of pains and was taken for a check up and immediately admitted for further tests and it was during these tests the doctors found out that he has been suffering from cancer.
My friend was in tears over the phone stating that she does not know as to how to break this news to her father as he has been kept in the dark of his condition and she has to break this new of the impending inevitable end.Some people take this news calmly but then it needs lots of courage and grit to absorb such news.  My friend questioned me why not a cardiac arrest or an instantaneous death instead of the slow death which she has to witness for next few weeks and i had no answer to it nor has anyone in this world. No wonder they say that people who just pass on in their sleep or as they are relaxing without warning are blessed to go to the next world without suffering.

It is pretty bad for the near and dear ones around him knowing that it is matter of days or weeks that he would stop being around them. I pray to god to give courage and strength to my friend and her her family to be able to face the coming days bravely and make her father's life as comfortable as possible.