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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Weekends in the Middle East

Come Thursday evening each week there is a sense of relief in most expats working in Gulf countries since the next 36 hours can be spent in leisure without having to worry about the site or office ( not all of us are lucky even on week ends). Since i stay alone my friends gather at my place for couple of beers / drinks and it has become the only socializing event for most bachelors or forced bachelors as the night life here is not worth  mentioning.
The evening winds up after home cooked dinner and off to the land of nods !!!!
No waking up early and dragging yourself off the bed for getting ready to be at the site at 7 am since its the weekly day off .. Friday. I wake up when my body feels sufficiently refreshed and have a relaxed day through out hardly going out anywhere except for the breakfast.
Fridays i call my father and sisters just to tell them that i am fine and all is well here (my wife and kids talk to me 3 times a week).
The day passes off quickly and its back to the normal grind of dragging oneself out of the bed early in the morning on Saturday morning...........yawn !!!