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Friday, November 12, 2010

Muscat....A brief visit

A respite from lethargic and boring site work in form a three day management course made me travel to Muscat after quite some time... Salalah airport was crowded as there was an Air India express departure to Cochin just half a hour prior to my flight to Muscat .Some travelers are so confused that it makes me wonder as to how they moved out of India to work in a distant land. Air India express plane had nice picture of Kathakalli dancer painted on its tail.... see photos above.

The next three days was spent within the conference room at Barr Al Jissa resort, Muscat trying to lap up the leadership qualities... the room was freezing cold and in spite of repeated request to the management there air conditioning  temperature was not made comfortable. Climate at Muscat was great and lots of tourists from Germany were having fun at the resort.. relaxing in the sun, swimming in beaches etc making us feel jealous of them.

Eid holidays has been announced and it is from the 15th November to 18th November for the private sector companies much to the disappointment of many expatriates who had planned their travel to their homeland thinking that we may get over 10 days leave as this year both Eid and National Day falls within couple of days of each other. It is rumored that the National day holidays will be announced during the first week of December coinciding with Asian Beach Games which is to start at Muscat from the 8th of December 2010.

I noticed few changes at Muscat which i had not done earlier.... a huge influx of Chinese women are present in Muscat now and many of them are plying the age old profession ... prostitution without any fear of the authorities at Al Khuwayr near the Muscat Holiday Inn and Hotel Ibsis. Becoming more like Dubai these days !!!! View of the dome and minaret of Zawawi Mosque on one side of the building i stayed and the mountains on the other was pretty nice and i clicked using my mobile phone camera.

Back to the normal grind at Salalah now... a relief from the maddening traffic jams there... not that we do not have it at Salalah these days on Robat Street due to the closure of 23rd July Street. The lighting works for the national day is progress on most roads of Salalah and would really look nice during the evenings when they are lit up ( not done till date... maybe on the 18th November they would light up).

Well friends will post more pictures in my next post of random rambling. :)