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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hello …. Do I have the Permission to marry out of nationality !!!!!

Today was browsing the news on Oman Observer and this particular headlines on the news grabbed my attention for  it is pretty strange and unusual . For the first time in my 50 years of existence on this planet I came across a news where a government has imposed curbs on a Omani person to marry a person who is not a national  I know that in ancient times there were traditions to marry within family so that the family treasures and powers are retained within the family…(blue blood) and here now this is being flouted as a  protection to closely integrated society ( read the news below) by forcing to marry within the nationality. In other words outsiders are infidels who would or can spoil the society prevailing here… LoL a real joke as the ground realities are totally different
Again this rule does not totally bar the locals men to marry as certain loopholes are given within the law such as if his national wife is not able to fulfill her marriage obligations then he can take a non Omani wife. Now come to think of this stipulation, who is to ascertain that there has been no compliance by the wife. Further the rule mentions only a Omani male marrying a non Omani… what about a Omani woman wanting to marry a non Omani man??? 

Read the news excerpts below

Govt tightens curbs on Omanis marrying foreigners 
Fahad Al Mukrashi
23 November 2010 09:44:16 Oman Time

MUSCAT: The Primary Court is planning a crackdown on violators of the law that forbids Omanis from marrying foreign partners without the necessary permission from the authorities, a source at the Ministry of Interior said.
Oman had enforced a law in 2005 that stopped nationals from marrying non-Omanis. The government did not specify the reason for the law but many thought it was aimed at protecting the closely integrated local culture.
The government also forbids Omani men from marrying a foreign woman if he is still married to a local woman, unless his wife cannot fulfill her marriage obligations, the source said.
The law was later amended allowing Omanis to marry nationals of GCC states. It also permitted Omani citizens, who are disabled or elderly, to marry foreign nationals. The law has been relaxed recently to allow nationals to marry foreigners if they seek permission from the Ministry of Interior after many citizens complained.
The Ministry of Interior source also informed that many Omanis continue to marry foreign nationals without informing the authorities. Violators of the law, the source said, face a fine of up to RO2,000. The source confirmed that some Omanis find a loophole in the law by sponsoring their foreign spouses as company’s staff or marrying them while employed by another company.
“I was planning to get married to a foreigner two years back but I did not get the approval from the Ministry of Interior. I have to follow the law; although I love her desperately I am helpless?” an Omani man, who declined to be identified, bemoaned.
Omanis who are already married to foreign nationals need to apply to the Ministry of Interior and are then referred to the office of the public prosecutor. A court hearing will then be scheduled to decide the final verdict.

Who am I to complain about this rules??I am not an Omani nor do I want to marry one ( for I am happily married for 27 years) I just thought that it is a interesting news and I wanted to share with my friends on the net !!!!