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Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Prisoner of by Jeffrey Archer

During my visit to Muscat last week a friend of mine gave me the book mentioned in the title and he stated to me that once I start reading the book I would not put it  down till I reach the last page. As I had to go for work on Thursday morning I decided that I would start the same on my return flight to Salalah... which I did and to be frank the story was gripping and fast paced. Brought back memories of court room proceedings I read and dreamt in my growing years reading Perry Mason novels !!!
Story seems to be similar to that of a normal Hindi Movie where four unknown guys tease the hero's girl friend while they are having a party along with the girls brother to celebrate the decision to get married and a fight ensues resulting in death of the girls brother, who is murdered by one of the four guys and the poor hero is blamed for the same.

Danny Cartwright the hero is convicted to 22 years in a maximum security prison and there he meets his cell mates who are going to be involved rest of his living life. Like in Hindi movies one of the cell mate commits suicide (actually killed by mistake by villain's underling) by mistake as he looks like the hero.... and this window of opportunity gives the hero a chance to escape the prison as Sir Nicholas. The subsequent part of the story is of Danny the hero pretending to be Sir Nicolas works out ways and means to bring the killers to justice.... which he does at the end !!

As my friend promised the story was indeed gripping and i finished reading the book on Friday itself. If you get a chance to read the book please do and i assure you that you would not regret the same !!!! Happy reading