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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Racism ....Does it happen only in the Western World

Whenever an Indian is being mugged or killed in Australia or America or Europe the Media builds up a massive picture of Racial tensions prevailing in those countries and the public slurps the news as though it is being targeted on all Indians abroad.
Little do they give any thoughts of what is happening in India right now. I am publishing a excerpt of a chat my nephew had with is friend on the face book which clearly indicates the feelings in our youth.
Akshay: How's the racism goin on there :p
XYZ: Not much actually. I think Indians are more racist come to think of it
Akshay: Lol. Very true. They all hate each other.
Mallus hate tamilians
North indians hate south indians
Bombay hates delhi and vice versa
UP and MP are considered rural
Kashmir belongs to 3 countries
Bihar is considered shitty
All they know about Orissa is flood and drought
Andhra people think other indians are uglier than them so they can feel better
Bangalore people are considered dumb
Chennai people are called "idli fellas"
Bombay people think they are in US and wear shades at 9p.m
Mallu movies are porn according to most indians (non mallus)
South indian movies are creative but the good ones are never famous
Bollywood movies suck and is portrayed as 'Indian cinema' when its just 'Hindi cinema'
India's Got Talent has no auditions in the south
Indian Idol is not advertised in the south
We talk bad about our community not cos we want to but cos of how bad it is. True?

Courtesy: Facebook chat

Well we do see that we Indians are more racist then our western brethren and thinking back of my growing years at Delhi I totally agree with my Nephew.
For a Punjabi  any person from south is a Madrasi... no distinction of which state he belongs to be it Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu , Karnataka or Kerala. Any person coming from east is a Bengali ... whether from West Bengal, Orissa or Assam.  In fact there was a famous television serial “Ghar Jamai” which used this concept.
If you call a person from Bihar a bihari... the next moment you will be having a fight on your hands for he considers this to be a lowly form of address.
North Indians consider themselves as Aryan and are fair skinned and the South India bar for few exception are generally dark and are ridiculed in the north.
You do have similar comparisons in most countries among their populace and is termed Racist.
Come to think of all these then we need to accept that Indian racial discriminate each other and we have no right to cry foul when it happens in another country.
Basically it is the Survival of the fittest ......
Let us hope that our younger generation see through this divide of an immense nation and progress towards prosperity in the future years to come !!!!