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Monday, April 25, 2016

Kabini Diaries -03 ----Indian Rollers or the blue jay

Nagarhole forest or Kabini has got scores of Indian rollers and here are couple of images of them taken by me during my visit there.The male bird’s acrobatic display with twists and turns during the mating season has earned it its name Rollers and these birds prey on insects, scorpions, small reptiles. They are known to follow tractors In rural India for disturbed invertebrates.


Indian Rollers are quite colorful and are present in large number throughout India. Several states of India have chosen the Indian Roller as their state bird.

Indian rollers are associated with legends and it is said to be sacred to Lord Vishnu. Hindi name for this bird is Neelkanth ..means blue throat and is associated with Lord Shiva who also is supposed to have blue colored throat. Though Indian roller is known as neelkanth, it has brownish neck and blue crown whereas the European rollers have blue tinges on the neck.

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