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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Washing dirty linen in public

The definition of the phrase “Washing dirty linen in public” is to discuss personal and private matter in public and I guess most of us have been taught not to do that right from the childhood. But this does not apply to celebrities who just do this so as to garner media coverage on to themselves even if means that they lose their privacy. A classic example of this phrase is the ongoing  spat between Actors Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Raut about their alleged relationship.

This has been dominating the social media and the news media with each slapping legal notices on to each other. Our starry eyed public is lapping up these spicy tidbits that are being released in spurts akin to new movie releases. The legal issue has taken an ugly turn to such an extent that each of the actors are washing their dirty linen in public that should have been privy only to them. The electronic media is going gaga over these tidbits and it is the trial by media instead of waiting for the civil court judgment. Cannot blame these media houses with them wanting to increase the TRP’s are publishing unverified items such as emails and images and are keeping the people engrossed in this spat.

In a recent development few emails that has been supposedly written by Kangana Raut to Hrithik has been leaked ( Read here) to the press and it has created quite a storm and as per these mails it seems Hrithik is innocent. But Kangana’s legal team states that genuineness of these emails has to be ascertained as they claim that the actresses email has been hacked and she is not the one writing these mails. Further today an image of Hritik hugging Kangana in a suggestive manner is circulating in the electronic and social media making this case even murkier. With each passing day the case is becoming murkier and accusations flying around these two people. This happens if one tries to wash their dirty linen is public

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