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Monday, April 11, 2016

Common ...yet not so common

In my growing up years i have seen scores of common sparrows or the house sparrows around my home and sadly now you can hardly see few sparrows in Chennai. 

These common sparrows are associated with human settlements and are native to most parts of Europe, Mediterranean and Asia. The decline in numbers of the sparrows has been gradual due to killing by humans as it is conceived as a pest because of its numbers. The house sparrow has long been used as food item in northern Europe where earthen ware know as sparrow pots were hung on projections of roof or trees around the house to attract nesting birds so that the young can be harvested. Sparrow pie was a traditional dish and is associated with having aphrodisiac properties. 

Male and female Common Sparrow at JLR Kabini resort grounds
The myth of having aphrodisiac properties may be one of the reason why there are reduced number of common sparrows ...i am not too sure of this reason ... just kidding :)