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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Miraculous Saviors -Lions

Image Courtesy - Google Images of Heronews online 
Rural Ethiopia traditional marriages are carried out by abducting girls of ages 12-13 years and raping them to lay a claim on them. Virginity is valued intensely and the intended bridegroom by raping the girl ensures that nobody would come forward to marry the girl and thereby claim her as his wife. These traditions have been curtailed by the government and the legal age for marriage is set at 18 but then old traditions still happens in isolation.

Recently a girl aged 12 years was abducted by a group of men and was thrashed severely as she refused to marry one of them. A pride of 3 lions nearby drove away the abductors and stood guarding the girl for half a day against further torment by the abductors. When the girl’s family member and police arrived at the scene the lions retreated back into the forest allowing the rescue party to take the girl to the hospital. This incident is pretty strange and people there consider this as some sort of a miracle since the lions generally attack people.

Wildlife expert in rural Ethiopia feels that the girl survived the lions as she was crying because of the beating and her cries sounded like whimpering of lion cub.  Well this indeed is a strange incident but true and not a story of fiction.

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