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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Nervous Nineties

Image Courtesy Google Images

It is almost three years since I started this blog and as of this month I have upload 97 posts on varied subjects such as travel experience, personal memoirs, photographs, email forwards and so forth. I have been quite infrequent / intermittent in posting blogs last few months  and  a complete standstill for last few days somewhat similar to that of Tendulkar slowing down the scoring in recent times  after reaching a score of nineties while playing cricket and then on a very slow progress to reach 100. But then today I decided that I need to do something similar to Sewag..that is to upload 4 posts in matter of minutes so as to cross  the century mark…an achievement nevertheless. My journey in last 3 years on the BlogSpot has been quite interesting and I happen to follow quite a few bloggers since their narration and the choice of subjects has been quite catchy and interesting. I actually started writing posts much before I became a member in BlogSpot but then some of my earlier works has been lost with time and it is my endeavor to write it again when time permits or my grey cells remember those incidents. Most of my blogs has generally been based on my personal experiences over a period of five decades or the photographs taken in last few years and I am quite thrilled despite not being a good writer have achieved the milestone of 100 blogs with over 21,300 visits to my page.

I have been fortunate to have few blogger friends who follow me on the BlogSpot and Indian Blogger and my message to you all is “Thank you for putting up with me for so long “ , for I know what I write is pure crap when compared to all you wonderful people…Most of the blogger I follow have quite powerful narration, dictation and imagination which is an important trait of a good writer. Whereas in my case I write just to vent out my frustrated feelings most times.