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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Is everything okay?????

This evening after couple of beers i switched on Sony mix channel and the song that was playing on the screen really caught the essence of my mood at this point of time,the song sung by Jagjit  Singh for the movie Aarth is quite emotional and it really touches each on at the  bottom of the heart. A quote by Eric Hoffer comes to my mind  " It is loneliness that makes the loudest noise. This is true of men as of dogs". Hahahahaha

A person who laughs the most is either lonely or are hiding their pains behind the facade of a happy true as in my case for i do state that i am feeling lonely and i do laugh a lot among my colleagues....:(( 

It is not because i am staying alone in the gulf and working my A** off trying to earn for the family but then i  sense that i am emotionally empty . There are so many issues in day to day life that seems to drown you but then the facade i put up is totally untrue and the reason for that is to keep the family in good spirits. Now the critics out there on blog sphere would tell me that what i do is not correct and i need to share my feelings with my wife but then if i do that i think i would slide down even further instead of being comforted. Life is such for me and it need not be the same for the is my opinion. 


  1. Issues can drain you Engram, I know and almost each one of us puts on a facade in front of others. The trick lies in deriving pleasures out of little things in life I guess and having an activity that you absolutely enjoy!

    1. You are right Jaishree most of us put up a facade of well being and happy but then at times it is quite depressing of not doing what you really want to do.