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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Milestone Achieved

Phew…at last crossed the hundredth blog mark which is a huge milestone for me for I never expected to do so for at least next one year. But then this year did post few photographs that did the trick on the count but then personally I still feel my posts just about mediocre and I am bit surprised with the kind of hit I have got for few of the posts. Like for instance of a post titled “ Howzzz That” about the ban of DSLR cameras by Kuwaiti Government some time last year  has the maximum hits of all my blogs –2338 hits as of yesterday, similarly a post “ Rain god’s Kolevery” had 1148 hit and the reason I feel was due to fact I had used the word Kolevery in the title and at that point of the Dhanush’s song why this Kolevery D was making waves around India and the world and I am sure people who googled  “Kolevery” would have landed on to this post…hahaha. The post that I wrote from my heart was Work life Balance and this also had over 1000 hits and it did please me though I have been stating all along and even now that I am just writing for myself and not for an audience …hypocrite aren’t I one !!! Others in region of over 500 hits are generally about Salalah and the Khareef season here.

Thanks everyone once again and hope to be around and post better blogs/photographs.