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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cruel hands of fate

A quote by the former Beatles singer John Lennon There's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be” does proves that we cannot escape the fate destined to each one of us. It is quite ironic that he had to travel from India the previous day and the very next day morning he is a victim of the gas explosion.

He smelled cooking gas as he entered his flat in an upscale apartment block on his return back from India after his leaving his family there for an extended vacation. Immediately called up the maintenance team from his office to check the central gas piping and the cooking range within his flat and found no leaks within the flat. He then complained to the building maintenance team and was informed that the smell of gas has been noticed by other tenants for past few days and technicians would be coming next day morning to check for the leak and rectify the same.
Next day morning, the first day of the week in gulf he was getting ready to leave for the office and he was delayed as it was past 8 am the normally he reaches office each day. Suddenly a huge blast tore through the apartment block shattering the walls and floors of few flats and his flat took the brunt of the gas explosion and in the process sustained severe burn injuries. His office came to hear of the blast through the wife of another employee staying in next block and immediately sent few persons to check the whereabouts of him and they found him on a stretcher with over 50% burns but conscious. He then asked his colleague to call his family back in India and he spoke to his father stating about the accident and that he is being taken to hospital with burn injuries and he urged he father to inform his wife and also come back immediately. 

He was immediately taken to the local government hospital and was admitted in the burn unit ICU. He was hooked up to the ventilator, covered with soothing gel and heavily sedated and was termed critical and only after 72 hours the doctors can confirm his conditions and further course of treatment started. His family and parents reached back here the next day including his elder brother who works in the Far East and they kept a constant vigil at the hospital hoping and praying for the almighty for an early recovery from the injuries he had sustained. After 6 days the doctors stated he is stable and not on the danger list but yet heavily sedated and still on ventilator and this news was welcomed by the family members and all his colleagues. On the 9th day (on the day of Eid) late evening his body started deteriorating and around midnight he breathed his last leaving behind wife,14 year old son ,8 year old daughter, aged parents , elder brother in deep shock and sorrow. 

May the Almighty give strength and courage to his family members to bear with this immense loss. Rest in peace dear colleague


  1. Oh God! May God give strength to all his loved ones.

    1. That is can google this incident and read about this incident.