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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wadi Tiwi and the Tiwi beach...Oman

Each time I sit down to write I think I have a great story to tell but then when I start to type out my thoughts my mind goes totally blank and I am at loss of words. I know age is catching up with me but fortunately there is no memory lapse. I promise myself that I would jot down few points from each days experience and I always break my promise since the priorities are to cook food the moment I come back home each day. At times I feel that it would be better for me to step down from the current assignment since it is taking a toll of my physical and mental conditions (quite hectic and nerve racking at times) unlike few years back.
30th June was a declared holiday and we planned to visit Tiwi beach as few friends stated that it is a lovely beach with white sand. So me and three other friends from our project decided to go there and it was an adventure. I did not know the way and quite a few times I went off course and had to back paddle to reach the correct road. Then going by the signs we reached almost near the place called Tiwi but took an exit which stated Wadi Shab and found ourselves at dead end with no roads leading anywhere except for a dirt track. So decided to take the mud track and the moment I got off the tarmac my tire got flat due to a puncher …. Poor guys who were my juniors toiled to fix the spare tire from the boot and that too at 12 noon with sun beating down directly on us….no shade anywhere in sight.


After the change of tire we proceeded to Tiwi and reached the beach not before going along a dirt track across the Wadi Tiwi. The beach we went had pebbles strewn around but no crowd to emphasize that this beach is a tourist spot and we had come to a wrong part of the beach. Anyway we found that there is a trekkers trail in Wadi Tiwi and you need to below the bridge up into the mountains and in this summer it is not worth going on a trek… may be some other time!! On the way out we found a asphalt road reaching to Tiwi beach and some crowd there but then we decided to go back to Muscat without taking that road.
Reached Muscat around 3 pm and all hotels had closed down for the afternoon… so lunch at home for me and my friends had sandwiches’ from Subway & MacDonald’s. We also came to know that Wadi Shab is a much better sightseeing spot than Wadi Tiwi and has so many crystal clear pools where one can have a relaxing swim. So it is Wadi Shab the next time !!!!!