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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Interesting happenings in India this week !!!!

For years most westerners thought that India is a land of  saints & sadhu’s, snakes and rope tricks  and would travel to this country to witness these but with the advent of media the world know India better these days… a country where corruption rules the roost. There have been many activist who have taken cudgels against this and have had partial success and in the recent past Anna Hazare did garner the imagination of the youth against the corruption prevailing in the country. The latest is the attempt by Baba Ramdev and it is told that more than 3 million people are going to take part in this saga.

Baba Ramdev is  fasting against corruption and recovery of  alleged billions of dollars in black money stashed outside the country can be viewed as a political gimmick. Baba Ramdev who heads a Rs 1000 crore business, did try to form a political party sometime back and it failed miserably and now he has the platform of Anna Hazare’s movement to achieve his dream. Though millions are supporting Baba Ramdev, educated Indians needs to think the following….

  • How does one know the quantum of black money being stashed by individuals abroad as none of the persons would declare what they stash abroad? So the figure of thousands of crores is a notional value which could be debated for years to come.
  • Practicality of banning Rs 500.00 & Rs 1000.00 notes and what is being achieved by doing so??? .. nothing but to extend the drama of fast for a longer time !!!
  • A demand for Technical education in regional languages being actioned by the government would do more harm to the students passing out of such colleges for they would be forced to work within the boundaries of the states they have studied in for it would be difficult for them to converse in a common language elsewhere.

Yes his fast brings to fore the various scams and corrupt official and is forcing the present government to act on priority before they lose their face in front  of the public ( not that they have gained any) but then this is not done like this !! Immense hardship to normal citizen of Delhi due to the hyped fast. Just imagine the Delhi would be paralyzed tomorrow and hardly would there be any work there and there are millions of common people who are on daily wages to earn their bread and butter who would not earn any money today… means that they and their family will have nothing to eat. Millions of rupees are being spent for preparations of the fast could have been put to better use but then who is to question the wanton waste of money. Not sure if Baba Ramdev is spending the money for the arrangements from what he has earned teaching yoga… Rs 50,000/- for front benchers and Rs 1000/- for last benchers as mentioned in the media… god know how any rows of students were there !!!!!

Down south in Chennai we have another drama being unveiled by the victorious Jayalalitha, who is the present chief minister of Tamilnadu and she has put a stop to all the various projects initiated by her predecessor Karunanidi thereby causing millions of tax payer money to go down the drain. I fail to understand vendetta politics which is quite prevalent in India and we have seen that in Uttar Pradesh also and the people affected are the common citizens!!! Who questions these loses and would the Lok Pal bill initiated by Anna Hazare safe guard against such unwanted expenses…. Well all of us have to wait and watch in the times to come if it could do so !!!
Well I end this unconnected note with a explanation of Politics given by a friend of mine on Face Book…. Poli in latin means “ Many” and Tics means “ Blood sucking insects” … which would mean that politics mean……”Many blood sucking persons “