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Friday, July 29, 2011

Coincidences …………does make you wonder of unseen forces

Life is full of coincidences , some very minor and occasionally extraordinary and some unbelievable. I have had my share of coincidences during y life till date and I have shared partly with you in a note Jinxed June sometime last year.

The most extraordinary coincidence in my life is the birth of my daughters and this is the story behind this. My marriage took place in 1983 and both me and my wife planned to start family in about 3-4 years time. We then tried to have a child but then nothing seems to work out in spite of both of us being normal and healthy human beings. There has been lots of peer pressure from both our families to start a family which is quite common in India and this led to tensions and stress in both our lives and this went on till 1995. One day in the month of August 1995 we get a call from my brother in law saying that his wife is carrying their second child and they wanted to terminate the pregnancy as it was not possible for them to increase their family by another member. It was then we decided that we would adopt the baby and we requested my wife’s sister in law to continue with her pregnancy and we would take the child once it was born. The only condition was that she would have to be admitted for delivery in my wife’s name (I was working in UAE then and the adoption procedures would be so immense that my family would not be able to come back) and the same was accepted. The delivery was scheduled to be in the month of March 1996 and both me and my wife went to India during the first week of March on annual vacations. My elder daughter Sanjana was born on the 15th of March 1996 at Chennai and as we had promised she flew back to Dubai after 2 months along with my wife. My elder daughter brought lots of joy to our family and within couple of months of my wife joining me back she became pregnant and the doctors in Dubai advised complete bed rest as the child was a precious child as termed by her ( being pregnant after 13 years of marriage) . During the early pregnancy of my wife a colleague’s wife staying in the same building and on the same floor helped my wife and the elder daughter and also took care of the lunch for both our families. This went on for some time and then my friend was relocated to Delhi and while they were leaving back for India I sent my wife back too along with them since she would not be able to handle a growing child and the house.

We were informed that the probable date of delivery would be in March and things were going on normal and finally during the due date in first week of March 1997 my wife went to hospital as she did not get any labor pains but the doctor said though it is few days late they want to wait for a normal delivery instead of a cesarean section … the wait went on till the 15th of March and finally my second daughter Yamini was born on the same date as her sister… the only difference being that elder one was born in the morning and the second one in the evening !!!.

Both of them have been a great joy and fun to both me and my wife and I am amazed by their attachment to one another for they grew up together almost similar to twins but just a year apart.

 A coincidence which can never be forgotten throughout my life time and it makes me wonder that if there is some unseen powers that make such things happen in one’s life.

The most current coincidence is that My flat number is 413 and I took up this flat when I relocated to Muscat from Salalah in January 2011 to take up a new project assignment being booked by our company. Once the project is booked the systems in the company would allocate a running job number and to my utter surprise the computer spat out the number 413 to the very project I am handling now !!!

 I leave these two experiences to your own imagination !!!