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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Relationships....good, bad and the ugly !!!!!

I know I am writing crap but then it’s my crap and I am writing this down to release the tensions of my mind prevailing at this point of time. This is not about lovers or mistresses but the normal relationship one has in and around him or her !!!!

You try to do something good for someone and if that does not work out why is that person blaming me for the failure. Well I think this is very common world over and the person who has tried to help feels hurt. This has happened to me in my life many times over but then I do not wish to list out each one of them since it would take quite a few days to write down all such incidents in life. By the reactions I have been getting to my actions I have decided that I would not take a step to help out relatives and friends for it leads to misunderstanding and possible strain on relationships. The negative feeling have been implanted in me by the actions of others..yet I try to be nice so that I avoid souring of the relationship. I am penning down some of the main factors that does affect a relationship and I hope each one of you would have different thoughts on this issue.

Money is one of the main issues which rip apart relationships and this is very true in real life.. no so in reel (movies) life where everything is shown rosy !!! So one of my dictum's is to avoid any issues in relationship coming up between relatives and friends and hopefully to this date there is been no major issues except for few grumblings here and there !!! Yah I am managing it well !!!!
Ego in a person does spoil the relationships within the team or life and you generally encounter these in work premises. Most places where you are employed operates on team work and if you have one person who has an alter ego the whole team can be demoralized and not operate efficiently. I do tread very softly on this issue because some feel that the ego in the person is for demographic reasons or that he is over qualified…  well the only way to avoid any confrontation is to defuse the situation and to carry on as nothing has happened…………… but then this may not succeed if the person is consistently egoist and only way is to get disassociated from that person !!!!!

Adding this paragraph today based on input by a friend on comments...ahhh yes expectations are also a cause of heartburn's and pain in a relationship be it whatsoever... friends,love, mistress ,partner or an organization. If the other persons expectations are very high and if not met leads to a situation of discomfort and hurt. It is always better not to set a very high expectation from a person for it is sure going to other words if things happen with out any expectation then the pleasure derived is even greater !!!I have seen the impact an expectation can do to ones life in the close family circle and also in an organization and i tell the amount of pain it creates to a person is so immense that the relationship turns sours and mistrust set in !!!! what says you????

We can elect to spend time with friends, romantic partners, relatives, and/or pets who love us. It is important to not only initiate these relationships, but maintain them with attention, care, and thoughtfulness. While we can't change the wrongdoings from our families and friend but we can make things better by tending to our relationships in the present. And in doing so, we may be surprised by the flowers that blossom. But then if we are in confrontation mode at all times we could see a withered flower instead !!!

Choice is ours !! Have a great relationship and revel in the that and am sure you would be a better human being !!!