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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Choices- is it made out of free will?

The hottest topic few days back was " My Choice" a Homi  Adajania's  directed video featuring Deepaka Padukone, made waves those days and has over ten millions of  views on the You tube  . The video has taken the social media by a storm  and there were intense debates happening on the pro's and con's of the subject . The video talks of women empowerment and choosing to live their lives as they please. This message is not being accepted by many women in India, for they do not have  a choice in choosing the life they want to lead and this is quite evident from outpour of comments on twitter, face book and blogs by women themselves.

But then is your life really the choice you have chosen with free mind ?? Majority of human beings  lead their life based on choices they take due to family pressures, a. sense of duty or for love or to the job they have . So what's so great about few urban bred women on a slick video saying it is their choice to choose their profession , to sleep with anyone or the get drunk  and to wear anything .Is it really so??? No its a false facade being put up by those women and I am sure they are not really happy the way their lives is progressing. It is fashionable and cool statement to make among your peer group that you are leading your life as per your choice though it may be someone else's choice.

Millions of women in the villages and by lanes of the cities in India don't have a choice in their lives and they take orders in every step of their lives and abide by it for the sake of their families. So what happens to " My Choice" for these women who are emotionally blackmailed by the family. The prostitutes are not in the world's profession by their choice ..they have been forced into the same and now it is their way of life .

Men do want to live their life by their choices but it never works out like that for  them as  they are bound by their families, friends, office and society and the choices they take has relevance to these factor. People in Iran had no choice but to lead the life as chosen by Muslim clerics once Ayatollah came back into power in that country in late seventies. Life in many of the middle eastern countries in not what one wants to lead but have no option but to live the way it is chosen for you by others.  Take for instance me... I would love to be in India along with my family and to lead a comfortable retired life engaging in my interests but then no  for i had to be away from home working my ass off in a god forsaken place in the just so that I earn handsomely and the family can lead a comfortable life and all commitments are met.

 " My choice" is not exactly my choice :)