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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Couch Experts

"Empty pots make more noise" is an apt description for the couch experts and I am sure most of you would have come across one such expert in your lifetime. The topic could be anything in the world and you can see quite a few of these special people commenting in social media networks or jumping into the conversation stressing their point of view without having a total knowledge of the topic under discussion. I keep following wildlife and nature on the social media networks and there has been so many topics that has been extensively argued or commented and the experts are good in their comments but then they keep tending to dump all faults on the authorities without out giving any thoughts of the ground realities that exists in the discussions that is being done.
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One incident comes to my mind right away about a Man eating tiger that was shot dead in Nilgiris ranges and this topic was raging on both Facebook and Twitter with scores of people just blaming the forest department of not capturing the animal and commuting it to a zoo. To be frank even i have queried the decision to kill the man eater instead of the capturing the same but then in this particular incident i chanced on a post by a facebook friend who is a retired forest officer and while going through the post and its comment i came to understand the other side of the story (authorities) wherein there are so many factors involved that needs to be considered which we as ordinary citizen are not aware of while we make our comments.

It is very easy for all of us to sit in our air conditioned office/home and pass comments on the operations that is taking place on the ground... be it a cricket match, a football match or the hunt for the man eater without an iota of idea the actual conditions in the field. In short the people who are not experts needs to give constructive comments instead of negative or abusive comments that seems to be the trend. We in India have many other factors that has direct implications to any specific issue right from political angle, unscrupulous persons and there is no point in just commenting and winning likes on a post. It is said if you are not happy with what is happening then get on the ground yourself and try to change that is happening instead of crying foul .... this will not happen for who wants to leave the comfort and security of their spaces and be faced with ire of scorned persons. 

This is my opinion and is not directed at any person or group and any such inference if any is by the reader :)

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