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Monday, May 25, 2015

Thoughts to ponder about the tiger Ustad !!!!

Hasty decisions in labelling T24 aka Ustad as man eater by Tiger expert Mr. Valmiki Thapar. But then being a tiger expert he would know that the actions of Ustad are not that of a man eating tiger. He has never stalked or attacked human beings for his meals in spite of having maximum human intrusions in form of pilgrims going to the temple on foot. Mr. Valmiki stated that he had insisted that Ustad be put in zoo after killing of two villagers in 2012 and partially consuming too. Once a tiger tastes human flesh they start to like the salty meat and thereby start preferring human flesh and become man eaters. Whereas even though it is supposedly stated that Ustad has partially consumed human flesh of the human kills he has not killed humans till recently and that too because he was surprised by the guard.  Now my question to the expert is “Why did Ustad not kill humans till date from 2012 in spite of heavy human traffic in his territory?? Why suddenly Ustad is termed dangerous and need to be put away??
A similar human corollary to the tiger incident “A burglar enters you home and you would surely take actions to protect your property and in course of fight kill the person. Are you termed a killer?? I am sure you would say no but in case of an animal that killed because man intruded into its space you term it a man eater. This is an unfair judgement by experts and authorities of RTR!!!
Moreover it is not still conclusive proved that T24 is responsible for the human kill, for immediately after the killing of Mr. Ramphal, other guards & a writer  who were around noticed another male tiger there T72 aka Sultan in the vicinity and was suspected of killing the guard. The blame was shifted on to T24 just because he came back to the spot and was sniffing the bloodied area…
All felines/ canines are having a keen sense of smell and yes they would investigate if that smell of blood is in their territory.  Forensic investigation of the area would have clearly indicated as to what had happened on the eventful day and which tiger was involved and this was not done, instead statement made earlier by guards and few other persons were changed few hours later implicating T24 aka Ustad and the reasons for this change is unknown. This incident on the whole is quite murky and is filled with so many controversies and the affect party is the Tiger Ustad who cannot express himself.
I have seen so many comments where the person is saying that this being done to safe guard the forest foot patrol and pilgrims but then are they ensuring the safety of those people by taking T24 out of the equation now. Who takes the responsibility if the T72 now kills couple of pilgrims or a forest guard?

We may be armchair activists without venturing on foot patrols within the forest or know the ground realities, but then the villagers and the forest guards knew of Ustad’s notoriety and suspected kills by him yet continued to go about their works without a worry till date. Why?? (This is a question to expert who stated that T24 has to be put down) 

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