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Friday, July 27, 2012

Death - As the Poet see it !!!

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Few days back while browsing the face book I came across a beautiful status that was shared by a friend about a poet explaining death in a poetic way filled with so much emotions that touched my heart and then I decided that I would share it will you all ( My apologies to people who do not understand Hindi)

Kisi shayar ne mout ko kya khoob kaha hai:- 

Zindagi me dho minute koi mere pas na baitha , 
aaj sab mere pas baithe ja rahe tae,
koi tohfa na mila aj tak mujhe ,
aur aaj phool hi phool diye ja rahe tae, 
Taras gaye hum kisi ke ek hath ke liye,
aur aaj kandhe pe kandhe diye ja rahe tae. 
Dho kadam sath na chalne kho tayar tha koi,
aur aaj kafila ban sath chale ja rhe tae, 
Aaj pata chala muje ki "MAUT" kitni hasin hoti hai
Kambhakt HUM to yunhi jiye ja rahe tae!

It is quite true that poets and writers of the yester years have had undergone an immense struggle and hardships throughout their living life trying to earn through their writing to make both ends meet at their homes. Many of them were totally unknown during their prime and became famous after they had died. In fact some of their works were published only after their death and became best sellers….poor guys did not live to see the fruits of their labor. I did browse the net for the people who became famous after their death and I was surprised to note so many great names in that list from the field of literature, science and painting around the world. El Greco, Emily Dickinson, Vincent Van Gogh, Edgar Allen Poe, Franz Kafka are few of these people whose works became famous after their death. There were many Indian poets and writers who had intense struggle in their lives during the British Raj but I did not come across any of them becoming famous after their death…. I am sure some were there since writing as a profession to sustain livelihood was very difficult in the past.

The most of the present lot of writers/poets have an alternative source of income to take care of their livelihood till such time they strike gold and then once they are famous concentrate only on writing and hence may not face monetary problems to run their day to day life. Yet they encounter frustrations as they would like their work to be perfect and want to be accepted in the society as a poet or a writer. Sometimes these frustrations lead to suicidal tendencies in them and they tend to wallow in their own grief most of the time alone. I think the poet’s oration I have pasted above is in frustration. Well it is my opinion and it may not be true….my apologies if someone feels otherwise.

I did read couple of blogs written by the bloggers whom I follow about such state of mind of the poets and writers.  I generally note that people who resort to poetry have generally a tough life and have personally undergone great emotional upheavals in their lives or are living through it each day. Some of the poems and stories I read on the net are so good and yet those authors lead a sedate life bidding  for a better tomorrow when they will recognized and famous. My best wishes to all the poets and writers for a wonderful and a better tomorrow!!!!


  1. Really a pity, we value corpses more than the person alive. A big issue you raised and talked about.
    Struggles have always been a part of an artist's life. Their actual talent remains dormant till death (in many of the cases).

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    1. Yeah true Namrata..struggles have always been associated with artist and when they are alive they seem lead an obscure life and posthumously attained greater is quite sad !!

  2. True Engram, Some poets did have a very pitiable life...The poetry in general applies to death and not just poets I suppose....People who never bother to look back gather at the time of a person's death...rt?

    1. yeah right Jayashree. Thanks for the comments

  3. Does the subject has to do with your education or perhaps is it more about your hobbies and free time?