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Friday, July 13, 2012

Moral Police ...or plainly sex crazed

There has been a huge outcry in National media today from various segments of the society about molestation of a young girl in Guwahati by a mob of men that took place two days back under the garb of moral policing.  The shocking part of this particular incident is that it took place two days back and the media was filming this for over 20 minutes and yet nobody stepped forward to help the victim instead persons stopped by to grope the helpless girl.  There have been spurts of incidents all over India of moral policing by gangs of perverted young men who seem to break all moral barriers by molesting and eve teasing women who have spurred their advances and these people seem to garner some support from some of the religious political parties …. It is quite hard to digest that we are living in a largest secular and democratic country. A few questions pops up in my mind after viewing this on the TV

Is moral policing meant only for women?

Who are the people who decide to carry out the moral policing…have they looked at themselves in the mirrors first? Are they moral??

How does media be in the right place to capture this incident live??

I know these are futile questions and in the present times unless we have sterner laws and actions we are surely going to be hearing lot more of these kind of atrocities being conducted on women by sex crazed men. 

Another  news today was that of a Khap Panchayat in UP ruled that women under the age of 40 cannot own a mobile; women cannot go to markets or moving about in open, if at all they are going out with their family they need to cover their face; cannot have love marriages and so forth. A Taliban style order is being passed without any thoughts of the rights of individual as per the law of the country without consent of the women population. 

India Shining…. Are these the faces of India shining?? A national shame indeed where there is no safety or security to women.