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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Moment of madness

This morning called up the auto stand for an auto and I was informed that a driver unknown to me is being sent as none of the regular auto drivers were free at this point of time since most of them drivers are mourning the death of a fellow auto driver Vasu who self immolated himself. During the travel I chatted up with the new driver and I was surprised to find out that the person who committed suicide was just about 25 years of age and he is survived by his wife and a 15 month old son and the reason was constant fights with his wife each day last few days about money to run the family. In a fit of inebriated rage after a bitter fight two days back he drained the petrol from his auto and doused himself in it and lit a match in front of his wife and other neighbors. A moment later in fiery pain he was repenting the action taken by him and he urged the dazed onlookers to save him from his predicament, in spite of dousing the fire he was severely burnt and was rushed to the hospital where he later succumbed to the burns. 

 A moment of madness is all that takes for a person to commit suicide and as the madness subsides and when reality sinks in and there is an urge to live but then it may be too late. Those who have survived their attempt guilt and shame prevent them from getting any help they need to overcome the crisis. The victims’ family members and friends are greatly affected by this cowardly act and it takes a very long time for them to overcome the stigma left behind.   

A bad day for the family of Vasu, the auto driver for sure but then when one hears of such incidents it does dishearten them. I do not want to dwell on this topic for long for it is too despairing.