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Saturday, December 3, 2011

EULOGY to 2011……….

As the curtains are closing down on the year 2011 few incidents that occurred during the year would remain vividly in the minds of the people of this world. A year when the earth rocked literally……there were over 2164 earthquakes throughout the world varying from magnitude of 5.0 to 8.9 on  Richter scale , flooding in various parts of the world , thinning of ice in Arctic thereby ice free Arctic sea for the first time in ages. 

Out of so many natural disasters one of them stands out notably because of multiple simultaneous disaster occurring in the same region and that is the earthquake measuring 8.9 on Richter scale accompanied by 10 meter high tsunami struck the coast of Japan devastating the entire north eastern coastal areas. The tsunami traveled nearly 10 kilometers inland destroying everything in its path which were already weakened by the quake and the final tally of death was considerably less compared to the deaths caused by tsunami in 2005 December in Thailand, India and Sri Lanka and the official tally was around 16,000. However the climax of this earthquake and the tsunami was the meltdown of the cores in the nuclear power plant at Fukushima, Japan due to lack of power for cooling the cores which was disrupted first by quake then by the tsunami leading to multiple explosions giving fears of air borne radiation leak to the entire population of Japan, Philippines and other parts of the world. Nuclear fallout dependent on the wind conditions can be beyond 1000 square miles. Immediately after the explosions Japanese government evacuated their population living within 20 kilometers of the Fukushima power plant to avoid radiation exposure and further complications.

The events that occurred at Japan’s Fukushima Power station heralded new ammunition to the anti nuclear protestors throughout the world who cited the failures which occurred there and the frightening scenarios of a nuclear meltdown. India also saw violent protests against construction of Nuclear power plants at Koodankulam Tamilnadu & Jaitapur in Maharashtra on this account and is still continuing thereby very much needed clean power source is being denied to already struggling Indian states.

Floods in Australia, Pakistan, Thailand, Brazil and in various parts of Europe took its toll in lives and damage to property. This year was also considered the hottest year of the decade with temperatures rising above normal in many part of the world including Arctic region leading to Ice free Arctic sea raising serious concerns of global warming and Ice cap melting. Human race has raped this universe and one sincerely hopes that stringent steps are taken to preserve the earth for the generations to come failing which the effects of the actions would be visible within next 30-50 years when the Ice in poles would melt and the sea level would raise over 10 meters flooding most land on the earth.

2011 would be a year to reckon in the Arab world as the Jasmine revolution or the Arab spring otherwise known as Arab awakening …a revolutionary wave of demonstration and protests against the ruling government/ dictator spread throughout the region leading to the fall of Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. The protests and demonstrations are still ongoing in Syria despite the military crackdown by the ruling government. However in the Gulf States Bahrain witnessed violent protest which was immediately clamped down by the ruler with the help of Saudi troops. Protest in Oman at the same time was mainly aimed at higher salaries and better benefits for the local population which was conceded by the ruler Sultan Qaboos and the protests petered out in no time.

Economic crisis which gripped the world last year return to haunt European countries this year leading to wide spread protests against governments in various European countries such as Greece, Italy, Finland, Ireland, Portugal and Spain. EU leaders had to take tough decisions to bolster the failing image of a strong and economic Europe to the world. The financial market all over the world plunged creating panic and jitters among investors due to the debt crisis of Europe and USA too.

Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda chief was finally shot dead by US Special Forces in northern part of Pakistan and his body was disposed in sea at an undisclosed location raising many questions from many quarters of the world. Most Americans were pleased with this operation as they had finally hounded and killed the mastermind of the Twin Tower attack in New York. A chapter in the war against terror comes to an end this year.

Other notable death was of the co founder of Apple Inc Steve Jobs who succumbed to prolonged fight against cancer. The internet was abuzz with condolences and details of his life and the products he invented which revolutionized the present day electronic world. Celebrities Elizabeth Taylor and Jagjit Singh also passed away this year in addition to scores of unknown normal people.

There has been enough drama and happening in India such as the Indian cricket team winning the world cup again after a span of 28 years, Anna Hazare and his team protesting against corruption in India and for introducing a Lok Pal bill to curb corruption in government offices, Telecom 2G scam in which the exchequer lost over Rs 1 70,000 crores  leading to jailing of the telecom Minister and 11 others involved in the scam. 

On my personal front I had to leave my job in Oman during October and relocate back to India for the treatment of my wife who is struggling with Osteoporosis (weakening of bones) and fluid draining from joints. Operations have been ruled out because of the brittle bones and hence undergoing Ayurveda treatment which can bring back mobility to approximately 70% in matter of 4 months.

All in all this year has been quite eventful throughout the world and as curtain falls on 2011 and a new year emerges..2012 I wish all my friends and relatives a very Happy New Year and I hope that the New Year proves the doomsday theory wrong… It is said that the world would come to its end on 21st December 2012 and you would be able to read various theories that envisages pole shifts due to the gravitational force of Planet Nibiru causing constant earthquakes, giant tsunamis, and violent hurricanes killing most of the human race. Well we have to wait and watch if it could happen…I leave it to your imaginative minds to think!!!!!!!!


  1. First we are praying for your wife relief from the problem. The article was good. thanks for sharing the knowledge.

  2. Thank you Sadiq for your wishes and for having the patiences in reading my articles!!!

  3. My prayers for Revathi...hope she will be up and running in no time..BTW what does engrams mean? :)