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Monday, December 5, 2011


While browsing the net I came across couple of news that was quite strange as well as shocking to general public yet the founder member are confident that their idea would click and become a success story.

First one is the news is of an invention in Wii technology – Video game urinal. The inventor of this game says that going to a loo would be much more fun and to prove this a trial version of the game has been installed in a London Bar.The visitors to the bar can play one of the three games every time they use the urinal. The game was designed to create a valuable media opportunity from the 55 seconds the average male spends while he pees just staring at a blank wall. There is an advert played before and after the game promoting a drink you can buy at the bar. At the end of the game, players are encouraged to post their scores via mobile to Twitter and to a live leader board so they can compete with their friends.The units will be rolled-out in selected venues across the UK in early 2012. 

OMG just imagine the status update by males on FB or twitter …….. I scored xxx in 50 seconds in the urinals try beating my score!!!! There would be an immediate uproar by women stating that discrimination has been done against their sex for they do not have any such games!!! Further still planning for a mobile urinal game !!!Lolzz

The second new is quite a recent one which was on Yahoo and it is about World’s First Sex School that has opened up in Austria. This school has been opened by a Swedish schoolmistress in Austria to teach the students how to be better lovers and the school offers hands on lessons in seduction and the fees is 1400 pounds per term. As per the headmistress of the school anyone over the age of 16 can enroll in the first college of applied sexuality and students must live in co-ed dormitory block where they are expected to practice their home work. She further emphasized that their core education is not theoretical but practical so that the students are better lovers…and at the end of the term qualifications will be awarded!! 

I wondering what would be the qualifications …BAS (Bachelor of applied sexuality) or MSM or MSF (Master of seduction of males or females) hahahaha

World is definitely becoming crazier day by day and there is no end to the weird imagination of the people around the globe !!!