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Friday, August 10, 2012

Yiti Beach -Oman

Weekend morning plans afoot to go for a swim in the beach so we set off towards Yiti beach. When you hear Yiti it immediately brings to mind the Abominable snowman similar to the Bigfoot that are supposed to be residing on the slopes of Himalayas but then I can assure you would not see them here. Drive over the mountains on the way to Yiti is quite pleasant and the route is the road to Barr al Jissah, Shangri-La and just after the exit to Qantab you need to take a right turn at the roundabout and this road leads to Yiti and Jebel Shifa. 
Single lane road takes you past sleepy village, farms and lots of green shrubs and trees with a small stream along the road. I never knew that there is a wadi here…Wadi Al Mayh. Well we did not go down the dirt road to the wadi as we wanted to reach the Yiti beach and have our swim. After going through the village called Hanshift we came to the end of asphalted road but the beach was not to be seen so took a u turn and returned back to the spot where we had noticed back waters and the rock formation in the sea with lots of development works happening around.


Here we were able to reach the beach but then there is no sandy beach ….just rocks but then once the development works are complete I am sure this place would be a very nice place to spend time along the sea shore.

 From this spot to the left you can see the rock formation of Barr Al Jissah and we did see a beach to the right just after the village but were not able find the road leading to it. 

We saw a hawk sitting on a post jutting out of the back waters and it looked quite magnificent.

 So we decided to head back to Qantab beach for the swim. As we were turning into the Qantab beach road we saw signs put up stating the “Road closed” and “Entry only to construction vehicle” yet we proceeded to the beach where few Oman Cabs were parked and three persons swimming in the beach. So finally we had our dip in cool waters, hardly any wave here but the currents are pretty strong. After the swim we noticed few cabins placed and it looked like the offices for the proposed construction that is going to take place at this beach. 

Thus the Friday morning outing comes to an end and back to work from tomorrow till the next weekend when possibly we would have the Eid holidays coming up. Plans for outings during these holidays are on and the tentative locations planned are Jebel Shiffa beach, Jebel Shams, Dolphin watch and so forth and hope it works out as planned.