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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Anger Day being celebrated today

Browsing the net today I got to know that the day is being celebrated as World anger day…WTF is this world coming down to?? Celebrating Anger …heights of foolishness I would say!! Am I angry because of this…yes I am, for there are much better things to do instead of celebrating Anger.


Now if we dissect anger we would find that this reaction is basically an offensive action taken when a person is cornered, threatened or the ego is hurt. We need to be very careful the way we express this anger … it can break relationships, hurt loved ones or become violent. No wonder they ask you to slowly count to ten when you feel that your anger is rising…to dissipate the same and to avoid unpleasant scenes thereof. But then not all persons are able to control their anger successfully and what follows next is a shouting match that may lead to violence. There are several other reasons for a person to get angry – hurt, humiliation, and injustice, loss of control and our inability to cope with a situation. When we feel pressed, pushed and pressured, we react with anger. 

It is said that anger is a letter short of danger and I am sure most of us would be aware of numerous occasions /incidents that have been sparked by anger creating dangerous consequences in the present times. The recent shooting in USA at a Gurudawra killing 9 persons, shooting at New York killing 2 persons or beheading of 17 youngsters in Afghanistan by Taliban or that of Jatinderjeet Singh who shot out the tires of his neighbor’s car at Mohali have all been done in fits of anger.

Well you find all kinds of personalities in this world and there are some who are constantly angry….normally known as “kadoos “and I am sure those are the ones celebrating today!!! So to all the angry people in this world …”Happy Anger day” ….LOL!!!!