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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Till death do us part !!!!

Warning… a personal post and would be boring to most readers

6th June 2012 was the start of my 30th year of married life …(am patting my own back)  24 hours/7..365 day x 29 years is a very long time indeed and you would not believe it that I did send my wife a message over mobile thanking her for having kuppai kotifying with me for so long( surely not a romantic message I know)….you must be wondering if it is a foreign language, well it is a phrase in Tamil which means putting up with garbage and I the response I got from her was that she was overwhelmed by my message and she felt that it was the other way around. This surely seems like the short story “The gift of Magi” that I studied during my higher secondary..each one trying to outdo the other by sacrificing the item most important to them. A nice feeling indeed and it is quite hard to describe the same.Only regret is that we are miles in Oman and she at Chennai !

During the last 29 years both of us have had myriad experiences that has been quite difficult at times and I thankful that my wife Revathi stood by me. I have not been a perfect husband for sure and that is what I meant in my message to her on the eve of the anniversary. There were few difficult times when I can tell with certainty that both of us have considered that it is difficult to continue together and yet  we have forged ahead and the reason attributed to this that one us would stop arguing and thereby deflating the heated discussions . I know life is not a bed of roses and all couples have problems in their lives but then one partner needs to let go of his/hers ego for continuing relationship. My parents were together for 54 years till such time my mother departed in 2010 and it has been an inspiration to me …their life experiences did help me to overcome few difficulties in our lives. These days we tend to read that divorce rates have gone back because of the lack of compatibility and the main culprit is arguments …neither one of the partner are willing to back down..a question of ego I would say with my limited knowledge.

Thank you Revathi for a lively experience during the last 29 years and I pray that we continue like this for a long time ahead, till we are able to see our young daughters well settled in life.