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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lost my way in dreams !!!

For the past few days I have been having dreams…I know it is not unusual for one to dream but then in my case it has been after a span of 3 decades. In most of my recent dreams generally I am lost and I seem to be searching for something or someplace and I am loss of words as to why I get these dreams and that too now. The latest dream was that I have been trying to get back to the place where I have parked my car at a shopping mall and each time I took a path back I seem to reach back to the same place where I had started and I think I dreamt of taking a very long time to locate my car. It is said that dreams could have a definite meaning and I am trying to decipher the meaning of my dreams with the present context. 

Am I lost by taking the wrong turn in the cross roads of my life??  Well in my perspective as a committed parent the path selected by me was the right one though it does not elicit the same fervor it did some time back. Maybe it is because I am growing older and would like to anchor down at home port or is it the male menopause that setting in and I am not so sure!!! J. The initial euphoria of the return back to the same company and the project has waned and there is a definite change in me and my attitude and the normal happy go lucky guy character in me surfaces only sometimes these days. I really need to analyze the feeling and the dreams now especially that I am staying alone in a far of land away from my family. 

I have started asking the very question that I had written about quite some back " Why is it always me " and why is it happening to me. I sure need to introspect and come to terms with whatever be the reasons for I need to be here for some more time and earn moolah…petro dollars since I have a huge commitments to be taken care off. Once that is done I can take semi retirement …I sure liked the sabbatical break of 6 months I had when life was quite relaxing except for the thoughts of diminishing savings.