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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Real hot news...

A very hot day here at Muscat and temperatures reeling at 48º C at noon time and hot wind blowing makes you feel as though one is being cooked in a microwave oven. In spite of being well hydrated feel irritated……beja (brain) fried I suppose and hence an unrelated post of various news items I have come across today that seems to have some kind off connection to heat…;)
Irregular supply of Fuel (Petrol and diesel) for the last one week at Chennai has affected the general public…long queues at the Petrol bunks for the fuel that is rationed because of the shortage, non-availability/ increase in cost of vegetables, increased cost of commuting by share autos or auto as these were charging double the normal rates. A friend of mine from Chennai mailed me yesterday stating that his company employees are not able to work since there is no stock of diesel to run the generators during the power cut which seem to extend for longer period of time and is frequent. To top it all the sun god is not showing any mercy with temperature hovering in the region of 42º C….. kathri veiyal should be waning now and hope it brings some respite to all my friends and relatives at Chennai.
A Chennai company’s managing director currently in jail for rape and assault of an employee from May 3rd   has once again been charged by the police on fresh rape charges by another employee Pooja (name has been changed)of the company who has been working there for last 6 months. She has said that he has sexually exploited her for the period of her employment and only after the knowledge of his arrest for the earlier rape of another employee she has come forward with her complaint. It is believed by the police that this person has done the same with about six other young women whom he has employed in his company and I am quite surprised that these women have borne this for so long time ….. maybe a matter of “sour grapes”.
IPL tamasha is over couple of days back yet off field gimmicks are still continuing ….today’s News Papers carried the news of Poonam Pandey honoring her promise to pose nude should KKR win the IPL finals. Really gross and a cheap publicity stunt by an unknown model that is willing to strip for almost everything and I say this because she made the similar promise during the World Cup should India win the final. Indian media and public strive on such sensational news…..cannot understand what sensation would Poonam Pandey will arouse in the minds of the public posing nude. Other news IPL related is the SRK’s public apology of his misbehavior at Wankade stadium at Mumbai few days back now that his team has won the finals. Had KKR lost the finals than I personally doubt if he would have come forward with the apology…again a publicity stunt to increase his star quotient.