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Monday, May 28, 2012


It has been ages since I wrote a post on BlogSpot though have posted few photographs now and then. There has been quite a lot of ideas floating round in my mind that I wanted to write about but then sheer laziness and circumstances prevailing around me prevented me from doing so then and when I really sat down to pen it down my mind was totally blank and it was similar to that of the data on a hard disk after wiping with a powerful magnet. Trying to get back to writing often and only way going forward is to pen down all irrelevant things that has been happening around me
This Saturday at the site pantry while preparing a cup of tea for myself I saw a colleague of mine also preparing a cup of tea for himself. He then added a spoon of coffee powder into the same cup of tea and when I asked why he does this..he responded that he like the taste of the combination… this is the first time I have heard of the cocktail of tea and coffee which I named as “Caphytee”…;). Need to try it out once to find out the taste but I do not have the necessary courage to do so!!!

Finally the hectic cricket schedule of IPL 2012 has ended this Sunday 27th May … So much of regional feelings being seen in the aftermath of the finals of IPL 2012 among the friends and colleagues …die hard CSK fans had to eat a humble pie in the end for they did not expect KKR to defeat them after having scored 190 runs. But then for the cricket lovers around the world it was a live wire and an entertaining match right till the last two balls of the innings… a very fitting final to watch. Some comments like “madrasi murgan’s defeated by bengali dada’s “did make me smile and I  wonder  if the person commenting is aware of how many bengali dada’s were there in KKR team and likewise how many madrasi in CSK. I suppose it did not matter to them since the franchises adopted Kolkata & Chennai as their home turf.
Monday morning blues for people working in India but then for us here in Middle East it is middle of the working week yet the feeling is the same here today due to beer binge while watching the IPL finals yesterday evening !! OMG am glad that IPL has concluded as it would reduce the intake of beer..hahahaha.