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Monday, November 20, 2017

Writer’s block

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It has been over 3 months since I post a blog and each time I sit down and think of penning down some experience or about what is happening around the world my mind goes blank and I don’t write anything. I am not an accomplished and a creative writer to claim that I have writer’s block or the Blank page syndrome for I have too many other things running on my mind that takes up most of my time. Hopefully now that I have opted for retirement from active duty let’s hope that I will be able to restart the stalled process ... well writing this itself is a start isn't it  😀
Just out of curiosity i wanted to know about the block and I googled this term and this is what I read (courtesy Wikipedia)

It has been suggested that writer's block is more than just a mentality. Under stress, a human brain will "shift control from the cerebral cortex to the limbic system". The limbic system is associated with the instinctual processes, such as "fight or flight" response; and behaviour that is based on "deeply engrained training". The limited input from the cerebral cortex hinders a person's creative processes, which are replaced by the behaviours associated with the limbic system. The person is often unaware of the change, which may lead them to believe they are creatively "blocked". In her 2004 book The Midnight Disease: The Drive to Write, Writer's Block, and the Creative Brain, the writer and neurologist Alice W. Flaherty has argued that literary creativity is a function of specific areas of the brain, and that block may be the result of brain activity being disrupted in those areas.

Well all these findings and terms are too confusing and am not interested in knowing more about these as I do blog for my pleasure and peace of mind... so I cut short the reading.
Well friends I will surely be back to my blogging asap.