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Friday, August 11, 2017

Indian Movies ... Does it influences the youth's mind???

Current news that is grabbing attention of the people of India is that of the stalking and chasing of a woman at Chandigarh with intent of abduction as perceived by the victim. The police have lodged a FIR and the boys from influential families have been remanded by the law. On the same day a woman, mother of two boys was stalked by an educated middle aged man at Mumbai and he had the audacity to even go up to her apartment and ring the bell and confront the woman without an iota of worry about law and showed no remorse when the cops came over and arrested him. These are only the few of the incidents that has been highlighted by media because the women in question had the guts to take cudgels against their tormentors whereas a large number of such incidents does not make it to the print or news in India.

One politician had tweeted that the stalking of women is nothing new and these are due to influence of Bollywood movies which depicts such actions by hero of the movie to woo the girl. He was trolled on twitter for this comment as the public felt that it was insensitive comment in support of the accused in the Chandigarh stalking case but then thinking back about his comment I personally feel that it is a very valid point with respect to eve teasing, rapes and such incidents.

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Going to a movie has become a craze among the younger generation and the Indian movies be it Bollywood or regional ones have become an integral part of the current day youth. It does influence the minds of the youth all because of the media blitz that is associated the movie and the stars in the current days and in many cases it mislead the people to construe that if they do the similar things they would attain fame and fortune as depicted in the movie.
Sadly most Indian movies show grossly vulgar and crude romantic scenes with hero chasing the woman, cracking double meaning jokes, and singing songs to woo the woman and finally does so, corrupt politicians and government officials, power hungry villains, rags to riches by immoral methods and so forth, this in turn does create an impression in the minds of the youth who try to do the same in real life enacting their favorite actor hero. There has been various studies on the impact of movies on the youth of this country and it is generally proven that many incidents of eve teasing, rapes, suicides and other immoral activities has festered in the minds of the people influenced by the movies they see.

Gone are the days of movies being simple and conveying social cause for it does not sell in this fast paced society we live in now a days. Not all movies are so bad and some that are made showing positive notes have failed miserably at the box office and hence the producers and directors generally stick to the proven formula of commercial movies with lots of romance, sex, violence and so forth with some tilting songs such as “Chikni Chameli” or “Baby Doll” or “Zandu baam” where women ooze sex simply to arouse the movie goers which in turn leads to experimentation by public in real life.

So definitely movies does play a role in shaping the outlook of the people and if they are foolish enough to believe that what was seen on the screen would work out then they are sadly mistaken. Reel life is completely different from Real life. So my advice is to the generations of people who are movie crazy to take what happens on the screen with a pinch of salt and do not get influenced unlawful acts seen in the movies. 

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