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Wednesday, January 25, 2017


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The recent peaceful protests at Chennai for allowing Jallikattu a traditional sport of rural TamilNadu ended on the 8thday with riots and violence though the state had passed the bill allowing this sport due to infiltration of the crowd by unscrupulous persons. This protest have thrown up  positives such as collective youth power, maintaining peace and order and so forth, negatives such herd mentality(blind following because other are doing), dilution of the cause by adding unrelated requests. I am not going to go into the details of this protests as it has been widely covered by media and written as well instead going to write about the cry for the ban of aerated drinks .
On its heels of the above mentioned protest a new wave of demands have cropped up and one being banning of Pepsi and Coca Cola products and the reasons being said is that these MNC’s are using up huge quantum of water in their production thereby depriving the farmers of much needed water for farming.At Coimbatore and surrounding areas Pepsi co and Coca Cola products have gone out of the shelf and now there is demand for its ban throughout Tamil Nadu  Read the news HERE.

I am not a fan of these products and I personally do not drink them but asking for ban of the products should have rational thinking and not herd mentality that is prevailing these days. The call for ban has been clamoring on health grounds for last 6-7 years and yet the very people asking for the ban now were happily consuming these products. Now suddenly the youth of Tamil Nadu have attained nirvana and have deemed that these drinks are eroding into the water question is that is this ban only against these MNC's or also all other Indian aerated drinks which use similar quantities of water in production of these drinks??? Anyway i only hope that this demand is not being driven by some unscrupulous persons for their person gains . I leave it to the readers to fuel their grey cells in this matter and come out with their thoughts independently instead of blindly following what is being done by peers. 

I have reproduced some of the funny interactions i read  about this ban on social media network-Facebook

Person 1: Why to ban Pepsi and Cola
Person 2: Oh they are American products
Person 1: What you think FB/ Twitter is on which you are posting, I phones, Mac books etc  ;) 
Person A: Then what about mixing of drinks
Person B: Only water
Person A: ohh this water would not affect the farmers???
Person B: To make 300ml Pepsi 17 liters of ground water is used but then for mixing my drinks  I use
                 only 1 liter of water , and as a future farmer i am saving 16 Ltrs of natural resources 

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